Our Coach Has Designed a Personal, Winning Training Program For You

Olympics 1As we write this, a documentary of the Olympics is taking place. The thought occurred that many of the athletes practice for this moment since the completion of the previous Olympics. Their steady diet of exercise, eating, and rehearsing their movements has been with them every day since they made up their minds to compete. Their daily routine to prepare for the games has been a long but rewarding time for many of them. Though not everyone will win a medal, just the opportunity to have the chance to compete is all they ask.

Likewise, as disciples of His, we are also involved on a daily diet of exercises to prepare ourselves for that day when our turn comes to enter the greatest event of all time. We prepare for the return of God’s Kingdom on earth in all its totality. When we will be changed into spiritual beings and live for eternity. The greatest competition is not against one another, but against Satan, against this world’s system, and against our self. We all run and we will all receive the prize. Our pace may differ. Our paths may differ. Our obstacles and challenges may differ. But our final prize will be shared with many.

Paul wrote in first Corinthians, chapter nine, starting in verse twenty-four that we need to be in the race to win. That everyone who competes also disciplines and trains their body for victory. Likewise in Hebrews, chapter twelve, verse one, Paul writes instructing us to run the race with perseverance removing every obstacle that comes in our way.

Our daily routine is built around seeking the kingdom of God. Our priorities are established not to seek fortune, fame, power, or whatever in this life. Instead, our priorities are set to pursue the kingdom of God. It is with our relationships family members, co-workers, neighbors, and everyone we come in contact with during the day. Some days we may become lazy and our Coach has to remind us of our commitment. Other days, our Coach has to remind us to slow down and not become frustrated for not establishing the kingdom today in every corner of the universe. He has set the course. We only have to run it at the speed that God knows is best suited for us. Isn’t it great to have a Coach and support staff that has guaranteed us victory as long as we follow the program?



Our Great Coach and Heavenly Dad, thank you for entering us into the greatest “game” of life – your kingdom.  Your kingdom is the solution for all worldwide, governmental problems. It is the answer for all peoples everywhere. It is your method of governing mankind.

Help us to learn more of your government, your kingdom, and your ways. Teach us your love and faith and help us practice it each and every day in all circumstances. Train us in all your ways. Discipline us to be one of the best in your kingdom. Let us make you pleased with all our work, thoughts, and actions.

Your government is our preferred one. Let your rule exemplify itself through our life. Let us be a living ambassador for your government while we walk on earth.  Answer this prayer and all our prayers according to your will. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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