You are welcome to join me in the adventurous journey of transformation IN CHRIST!

As an apprentice of Jesus Christ, His Domain, and His Spirit, I  commit myself to follow Him. The goal is to integrate God’s Life-Giving Way into reality of everyday life.

Like many before us, I joyfully choose to be a mission-oriented follower of Jesus. I elect to live within a grace-based community that lovingly celebrates life. I freely accept my responsibility to support Him in the restoration of creation to His original intent.

My aim is to engage, encourage, and empower others toward maturity in Christ. The mature disciple best leads others to manage the process of transforming cultures into Kingdom reality. publication21.jpg

You likewise have a personal election from our Heavenly Father to take part in a life transforming adventure. Your acceptance will lead you to experience the Triune God’s divine nature in everyday activities.

Scroll through these pages. Share and discuss these thoughts with your family and friends. Seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Whatever way I may help you peel through the noise in today’s culture, let me know. For to experience the love, joy, and peace that He promises for His fellow Kingdom apprentices is one of life’s greatest gifts. 

Meanwhile, a little about myself.

You will find I am an expressive, analytical person who enjoys his privacy. The public limelight is not for me. My leadership style is to coach, develop, and empower you to unleash your God-given potential. When you succeed, we all succeed. When the work is done, you and everyone else feels good about their contribution. We become stronger as a team and as a people. Ever notice how self-centered ego gets in the way of effective leadership?

cropped-2023aI became a full-time apprentice of Jesus Christ just shy of my twentieth birthday. Been married to Jeanne since 1983. The father of one amazing adult daughter, a successful son-in-law, and two awesome grandchildren. I have majored in the commercial real estate investment management arena for the majority of my working life. I have held senior leadership positions with multiple national organizations. Currently, I  am semi-retired. Serve as an adjunct professor with a faith-based university. Lead small groups within our faith community. And encourage others to become firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. The goal is to advance HIS Kingdom through the local Church and marketplace.

Over the years, I have served the Church in various capacities. This includes preaching sermons. Teaching adult and teenage Sunday school classes. Hosting social activities. Facilitating bible studies. Ushering group events. Managing business affairs. Painting walls. Sweeping floors. And my favorite, setting up chairs. My formal education includes a PhD in pastoral ministry, and a graduate degree in management built upon degrees in administration and accounting.

I have lived and battled through the spiritual ignorance phase. I survived the legalistic, self-righteousness period. And today kneel in awesome amazement of His lavish grace. When I realized Life is a process of being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, I quit fighting Him. Rather than rebel against my King, I now support Him . Not only for my sake, but also for the sake of others. As we take part with Him in the restoration of creation, our Father-Son-Spirit is GLORIFIED!

I have led the transformation of organizations. I have also seen faith communities, families, and individuals’ flourish. All born because of His lavish grace, Kingdom faithfulness, and the pursuit of excellence. Through it all, life is an inspiring adventure. Especially when you are an active learner of Jesus Christ. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to live by faith, walk in love, and hope on Him.

We currently live in Southwest Florida. Before then, the majority of our family life was in a rural Michigan community. Today it is now swallowed up with commercial progress. My daily routine includes work and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy biking, scribbling, who-done-it movies, and contemplating God’s creation. You will also find me learning from everyday circumstances and events how GREAT HE IS.

Meanwhile, I hope you find this site to engage, encourage, and empower you in your search, discovery, and walk with our Almighty Triune God.

Always Rooting For You In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Faith-Integrator, Encourager, Scribbler

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