Image of Christ

Been There? Done That? Now What?

Tired with losing out on real love? Living in boredom…and ending up in all the wrong places?

Hurt by lies? Addictions? Religion?

Weary of shallow relationships?

Confused with the meaning of life? Hungry for real solutions?

Are you ready to change and experience a journey of true living with your Creator?

Forget what you may have heard about Him and discover the real Jesus yourself.

Open your Bible and read the gospel accounts of the authentic Jesus – read how he related with people, what he actually said. Discover his message of the Kingdom for yourself. Either he is who he said he is, or he is not. Either he was a delusional crazy man living the biggest fantasy of all time, or he is the Son of God and Lord of Lords. You decide based on your careful analysis AFTER you have gathered all the facts.

If you do, and you reach the same conclusion that I and many others have since his arrival on earth, don’t fight him. Acknowledge his authority in your life and ask the King of Kings that you want a living, personal relationship with Him.

becoming 9

Learn to pray (talk with Him). Ask our Awesome, Merciful Triune God to grant you repentance. To change your thinking about Him along with your worldview. To renew your soul, and to show you how to live a life as a disciple of His!

Find a faith community of believers where they will accept you as you are and assist you to discover who God wants you to be. Become involved with Kingdom work, and always, always, always seek him in everything you do.

In the process of walking with Him, you will discover what real love and joy is all about. Your life will become an adventure that movies are patterned after. You will discover passion for living; a heart for service; and a mind that wants to learn more of what God is like.

You will model your life after Jesus Christ. You will call Him your Savior, Lord, Hero, Teacher, Brother, Friend, and yes, God. You will start a new life, and yes there will be problems, but there will also be a Helper. The Holy Spirit that will grow you and lead you into eternity. It will be the best life style you can have now while looking forward to the eternal merging of heaven and earth.

Accept His finished work to be reconciled. Engage and align your heart, mind, and will with His. Pursue adventures that discover what victory in Christ is all about. You are His adopted heir from the foundation of the world. Learn to accept your calling and your identity to be alive in Christ! Be His apprentice. Learn how to manage the process that transforms cultures into godly excellence. And impact your world for His glory while He prepares you for eternity.

Be His apprentice…otherwise who are you going to become?

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