You are welcome to join me in the adventurous journey of Life IN CHRIST!

As an apprentice of Jesus Christ, His Domain, and His Spirit, I commit myself to follow Him with the goal of integrating God’s Life-Giving Way into reality in everyday life.

Like many before us, I joyfully choose to be a mission-oriented follower of Jesus, living within a grace-based community that lovingly celebrates life while faithfully restoring creation to God’s original intent.

publication21.jpgOur objective is to engage, encourage, and empower others toward maturity in Christ. We believe the mature disciple best leads others to manage the process that transforms cultures into Kingdom reality.

You likewise have a personal election from your Heavenly Father-Son-Spirit to participate in a life transforming adventure that will lead you to experience the Triune God’s divine nature in everyday activities.

Scroll through these pages. Share and discuss these thoughts with your friends. Seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Whatever way we may help you peel through the noise in today’s culture to truly experience the love, joy, and peace that He promises for His fellow Kingdom apprentices, let us know.

Your comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome.

Rooting for You In Christ,

Dr. Mike


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