The Principle of Three

The number three is an old friend. Over the years, I have witnessed whenever (s)he shows up, life becomes better. (S)he not only is my friend, but I have seen over and over again how (s)he also relates with others in similar favorable circumstances.

We have witnessed our old friend three from the beginning of creation, through Christ’s life on earth, and into the far reaches of the marketplace, Three is a proven friend that continually gives greater assurance for one’s choices, accomplishments, and relationships.

You first notice three in our Creator God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: One God IN Three Persons. The Lord instructed Israel under the Old Testament to gather together in an assembly three times a year for a Holy celebration (Deut: 16:16). When Job lost his entire health, family, and fortune, his three friends came to him (Job 2:11). Daniel was educated for three years and prayed three times a day (Dn:1:5,6:10). You notice that Christ faced three temptations in the wilderness (Lk.4:4-12). Jesus was most intimate with three of his disciples (Mk. 5:7, 9:2, 14:33). When Peter denied Christ, he did it three times (Jn.13:38). When Christ extended his grace and mercy to Peter after the resurrection, he ask Peter three times whether he loved Him. Jesus died and was resurrected after three days (Jn.21:15-19). Whenever two or three people are gather together, Christ is among them (Mt:18:20). The best is to have two or three witnesses (Mt:18:16) whenever someone is being accused. Even the new Jerusalem coming down from heaven is pictured in the Book of Revelations showing each side of the city to have three gates (Rev 21:13).

Three became a closer friend when I traded the stock market. I successfully learned to trade technically by viewing three different time frames of the same chart: a long term view, a short term view, and the current trade view.

In measuring work performance during the day, the number three became a productive friend. How does one focus on the important issues of the day while dealing with urgent emergencies all day long? By trusting your number three friend. For over thirty years in various leadership roles, I was able to focus on the important goals each day by accomplishing three of them while also juggling the daily routine and urgent matters that happened during the day. We were able to accomplish much simply by focusing on the top three most important priorities every day. It also contributed a sense of self-worth on those days when it felt like nothing got done but the movement of paper. It also let me know when I could quit for the day – after our three objectives where done.

Even when seeking God’s Will in life, we have learned to invite the old friend into the equation. For we seek to align God’s Word with the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and outside circumstances in determining direction and choice. The Bible instructs us that a threefold cord isn’t easily broken (Eccles:3:4).

So why not take time out this week and look up the number three in the Bible. View the world around you and see how often the number three appears in decisions, circumstances, and relationships. The number is not a magical genie; just another way to deal with life. Maybe God’s imprint of Father, Son, and Spirit is more prevalent in our everyday created world than we realize. Or is that just simply too radical for you to believe?



Holy Father, Lord, and Spirit: thank you for revealing your character and attributes through creation. Whether we view the sky, mountains, and valley, your presence and traits are open for those who want to see. When we look at the oceans, rivers, and streams, your order and interactive approach to life shows us more of who you are. Even when we look in the mirror and at others, your creative and imaginative work inspires us to know you even more. Help us to join you in your work each and every day. Help us to reveal your Kingdom government in our relationship with others. Let your love, grace, and truth be in all we think, say, and do.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Mike

Executive Chair, Consultant, Encourager
Marketplace Bible Institute
& Resource Center, Inc
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Bless My Business

How many business operations do you know that actually glorify God in their service to others? How many of those are operated/owned by believers? How many are operated/owned by non-believers, but their work exemplifies quality of godliness? These questions challenged me when I completed my dissertation. The final results ended up in a book entitled “Great Business Emulates a Good God.”

One of the items that surprised me the most was how many non-Christian business operations practiced godly principles and exercised eternal values that magnified the qualities of the Triune God. Yet the main difference between the two pertained to motive. Christian-focused business’ operated to glorify God. Faith-neutral operations focused on glorifying their brand. Yet both sides operated businesses that the world would say were successful. At least from the outside looking in.

Why bring up these facts? Simply because we know people, if not ourselves at times, that want and desire God’s blessings on our business, but still operate with self-centered motives. We want God’s favor, but refrain from being honest with Him in our dealings with others. We typically haven’t come to a place yet where we have surrendered the business under the domain of King Jesus.

How do we know if we have surrendered the business to God’s domain? Do we actually operate under Kingdom economic principles or follow the ways of the world? Do we practice decision-making that benefits ALL stakeholders of the enterprise; that means partners, employees, vendors, government agencies, and investors. Do we actually seek God’s will before making decisions that impact the business’ mission? Is the business’ mission and aim to glorify God, serve the common good of others, and promote the well-being of all parties, or simply too benefit a few insiders?

These may be tough questions, but how can one expect to be blessed if one is conducting business outside of God’s character, nature, or will? The transition doesn’t happen overnight. But God is merciful and if our heart is open he will lead us to the economic promise land. For most of us, it is a process of repentance, change, and redirecting our hearts to see the world as He does. And even though we may fall far short from perfection, God rewards and blesses those that fulfill His purpose in life. Yes, catch His vision for your life and business and even your business will learn to rest in the favor of God and His graceful blessings.



Holy Father-Holy Lord-Holy Spirit: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to pursue a business that will create opportunities that will glorify you, serve the common good of others, and reward us for the risks that are taken. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from all ungodly decisions. Help us to inspire those around us to follow your lead. Help us to walk with you through each business process, strategy, and client to glorify you. Help us to be true to you, our self, and others in building eternal relationships that buildup your Kingdom now. Help us to surrender our business for your glory. Bless us so we may be a blessing for others

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, Encourager
Author of Great Business Emulates A Good God

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