PRAY 21A Prayer of Gratitude…


Our Awesome Dad,

All glory, honor, and worship belong to you.  You are greater than we can even imagine.  Our small glimpse of you makes us shudder into how awesome you truly are.  You created everything that is in existence. You keep everything in order throughout the universe.  You have a time table that you move history through its pages.  You are One Awesome Being.

Let your greatness always be magnified in my life. Help me see your greatness in every aspect of this life.  Hide nothing from me. Let me learn about you and teach you to others.  Reveal your truths to me.  Reveal your creation to me.  Reveal your plan of salvation to me.  Reveal your glory to me.

Help those who are searching for you.  Help them find you.  Open the doors to your kingdom for them.  Let everyone enter.  Let everyone see your awesomeness. Hide nothing from us but let you glory be praised throughout the nations.

Help us be your faithful child in the Lord.  Let me be the apple of your eye.  Grant me your favorite blessings. Shower upon me your richly treasures.  Hold back nothing of you to me.  In return, help me share you and your riches with others.  Help me always to glorify you before others. 
You are my God. You are my Creator. You are my Provider. Thank YOU!


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