A Disciple’s Prayer


Oh Loving Dad,

Thank you for bringing Jesus into our life! He was God from the beginning of time. He emptied himself to become a human person, and humbly died on the cross. Yet today, you raised Him up and glorified Him. You made Him King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Savior of Saviors, and Friend of Friends.

Jesus, you are our King, Lord, Savior, and Friend. Thank you for loving us from the beginning of time and revealing to us your love now when we most need it. Help us to learn from you. Help us to live with you. Help us to love you.

Live in us as the Father lived in you while you walked this planet. Let your love abound in us. Let your peace surround us. Let your majesty precede us.

Thank you for hearing and interceding in our prayers. Thank you for all your help. Thank you for always being with us as a true friend. Help us be a friend for others as you are for us.

Thank you, Jesus.

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