Positional Security in What?

ladder 8What is your motivation for seeking a higher position in life? Is it for the money, the status, or just the opportunity to serve?  Or is it to make you feel important?  To make you feel you finally arrived?  To make you feel worthwhile?

Today a position may be a job title, a political office, or a professional credential. It is the acceptable standard that the world places on us before recognizing our authority, or our ability.  But form doesn’t reveal substance.  We may play the role, like an actor, but not really have the knowledge nor skills to produce.  With Christ though, our position is secure.  There is no office, title, professional credential that even comes close to giving us the internal faith and authority we have in Christ.

We are disciples of His.  We are saints.  We are bond-servants of Jesus Christ.  What more does a person want?  If our desire for a greater position supersedes our desire to serve Him, than we wouldn’t be true to our Creator. Yes in our youth we may have pursued every position that our heart desired. We may have needed to develop a sense of self-worth because we didn’t find it at that time with Jesus.  Today, however, after tasting all the world’s solutions to self-esteem and personal development theories, we’ve come to see the blessings and value of seeking a spirit-filled life in Jesus.  Not for our glory, but for His. Not so we feel important, but so His importance may be manifested in our life.

As a fellow worker in the body of Christ, we feel privileged and thankful that God has revealed His work in our life and to so many others.  Who needs a position?  Through the power of prayer and service we accomplish more than we ever achieved in any office or with any professional credential.  Our position is found in Him.  That is one of the benefits of being a disciple of His.



Our Heavenly Dad, let every saint come to know your secured blessings in Jesus.  Amen.

Dr. Mike – Consultant, Coach, Author of

Great Business Emulates a Good God 

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