Faith Moves Mountains

Sight Observes It; Faith Moves It


We live by faith, not by sight (IICorth5:7). Remember how in our youth when someone would make a statement and another person would reply “Prove it?” The more unbelievable the statement, the more we needed to see something factual to substantiate it. Well it doesn’t change when one becomes older unless you have received the faith to believe.

Think of all the invisible features of the physical world around you. Over time, it becomes easier to understand that there are forces and powers that are invisible to the eye but the effects are real. For example, the gravity of the earth cannot be seen but the effects are real. You drop a ball from the tall building and it will drop. You cannot see gravity but you do see how the ball is affected by it. Likewise, the wind is something that cannot be seen but the effects are real. The wind blows and you cannot see it but you may feel it or you may witness the top of the tree branches blowing about. The same is true about the invisible nature of God. You cannot see God, but you can witness to the effects of His life.

Why is it so difficult to see without sight? Maybe,because sight living doesn’t require faith. Sight living is based on trusting the five senses. The rational goes if one cannot see it,feel it, taste it, hear it, or smell it, it cannot be real. But the fact is our senses cannot be trusted. Science has already done testing showing that our perceptions are incorrect more times than we realize.

There was the time in our graduate marketing class where the professor brought in twenty different bottles of various brands of natural water. Each bottle had a label identifying its producer. The room was divided in half and each of us would taste the water from each bottle to determine which water tasted the best. The end result was the bottle with the most prestigious label at the time came on top. The reality however was that each bottle had the same water taken from the school’s drinking fountain. The conclusion of the matter was that our taste buds were blinded by our perceptions. How much truer it is with our spiritual life?

What we see with our eyes is limited; but what we see with faith is unlimited.

What we hear with our ears is limited; what we hear with faith is unlimited.

What we touch with our hands is limited; but what we touch with faith is unlimited.

What we taste with our mouth is limited; but what we taste with faith is unlimited. 

What we smell with our nose is limited; but what we smell with faith is unlimited.

Or to simplify it, with our sight we can only observe the mountain; but with our faith we can move the  mountain.

As a disciple of His, we are finished and done with walking by sight and appreciate learning the great joy of walking by faith. How do you see it?



Our Faithful Dad, help our unbelief. Help us to trust you.Help us to know you. Help us to see your work in our life.

You created everything and sustain everything, nothing is impossible for you.  You know our limitations and you know our potential. You know what it will take to convince us of your power and involvement in our life.Let us not doubt any longer. Please remove any limitations that we have imposed on ourselves. Open the door and help us see your awesome power in our life.

You are always faithful Dad.Help us have the same faith that Jesus had while He walked on earth.  Help us have the same faith that you have today. We thank you and make these requests known to you. Amen.

Dr. Mike – Consultant, Coach, Author of

Great Business Emulates a Good God 

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