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Have you ever known anyone who pursued only goals that they knew could be achieved with very little effort?  They seemed to carry an attitude of risk aversion in everything they pursued.  They would only pursue goals that they absolutely knew could be achieved without any risk of failure.  Their objectives are always few and their resources are easily obtainable.  They rarely experience failure, but again, they rarely experience the thrill of victory.  Their successes are boring, routine, and unchallenging.  Mediocrity is the best that they have ever attained.  Sound familiar?

Imagine a world where God settled for mediocrity.  Instead of a vast, inter-relationship of micro systems with each one itself a masterpiece, there could have only been one.  There could have been only one mammal. one fish, one tree, one flower, one … get the point?

Someone once wrote that what the mind can perceive, it can conceive.  I believe it.  It is only a matter of the time that it will take.  It may not happen during your life but it will eventually happen.  History gives many examples.  The idea of a man on the moon was originally written in a fictional book in the 1800’s;  wireless communications was the mouthpiece of the old Dick Tracy comic strips;  the helicopter was originally designed in the 1500 – 1600’s.

God wants you to succeed in life. His priorities for you though may be different than yours, but He gladly works with you.  He is patient and understanding.  He realizes that we have needs since He did create them.  But His number one priority is to create a spiritual masterpiece in our life and the life of the church. His prime focus is eternity, not just the present.

Nothing is impossible for God.  He created the foundation of the impossible.  He can alter time, space, and circumstances when He so chooses.  When you became His Partner in life, He allows you to enter into His life’s mission.  He has big plans.  He thinks bigger than all people put together.  He wants you to become like Him in character, attitude, and purpose.  God’s plans may start out small to the human eye, but in reality, they are just one small piece of a much larger pie.  Learn after Him.  We are His disciples.  Let’s make our plans accordingly.



Our Heavenly Dad, thank You for allowing us to be a part of Your plan of salvation.  Thank You for giving us the resources to live life victoriously.  Likewise, thank You for allowing us to have a relationship with You; to learn about You, from You, and to come to know You.  Help us to follow Your Will in all that we plan and do.  Help us to discover what our mission is as it relates to Your plans.  Help us to live in Your Kingdom now and to work fulfilling Kingdom business.  Help us see the plan You have for us.  Help us live it faithfully and zealously.  Help us pursue goals that require Your involvement in our life each and every day.  Let us not take You for granted, but live each day knowing how much we need You to help us live a victorious life.  Bless You in Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

Your Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God
Website: EnjoyLifeInChrist.com

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