We Choose Mustard Seeds Over Mountains

mustards seeds 1

Have you ever taken a minute to list all the words opposite of faith? Here are a few that come to mind at this time: fear, doubt, sight, unbelieving, dishonest, inconstant, fickle, wavering, fluctuating, disloyal, untruthful, untrusting, unreliant, and unsteadfast. Ever experience one of these unfaithful moments?

It’s a dumb question because we all have tasted the negative reaction of living life apart from faith at one time or another. For many of us though, it may be the majority of our lives. We grow up being beaten down by society, peers, employers, and yes even family and friends. Apart from the grace of God, we learn to live in fear, or place our hope on superstition, self-confidence, or hero worship. All which eventually fail us. Then what is a person to do?

As a disciple of His, we have come to learn from Him. We have come to develop a relationship with a Living Being that controls the universe. A Living Entity that has created everything for the ultimate purpose of preparing a people who one day will rule the universe with Him. Those who have surrendered to Him, He has given them real gifts of life and blessings reserved for His children. One of those gifts is the precious spirit of faith in Him.

When we begin to walk with Him in faith, our experiences are limited. However,  as problems arise and challenges abounded, circumstances occurred that increased our faith. Whenever the events are greater than us, weturned to God. He then turns our attitudes and focus unto Him where we begin to see the circumstances, people’s hearts, and events as He sees it.  Many times we then realize they are really in our favor. He reveals to us His awesome power through miracles in our life. In our early walk with Him, the miracles are probably more than today. Today, it seems that the miracles are more sporadic. Maybe, the faith that has been built-up over the years has grown where the next time our faith is being challenged the miracle is going to be the biggest and best yet. It is one thing to live by faith for the small things in life, but it’s another to live by faith for the larger things in life.

As Jesus explained, the faith of a mustard seed moves mount·ains. We as a people often focus on the relationship between the large mountain and the small seed. We see how large the mountain is compared to the small seed and based on our physical understandings would bet on the mountain all the time. However, remember that in God’s hand that mustard seed is just as great if not greater. A mustard seed’s potential is that it can grow and multiply. The mountain cannot. A mustard seed can grow and multiply until it covers the entire mountain. It can continue to grow and cover the entire mountain. It can continue to grow where eventually you would have enough trees that could pile up higher and weight more than the mountain. Get the point?

Living with faith means trusting in a Heavenly Dad that loves us and wants what is best for us; it believes that He has our best interest at heart and will work with us to develop it. As a disciple of His, we live everyday with faith in Him. Our faith may be challenged and our faith may fall short of the mark. But, He will teach us, love us, and direct us so that the faith we exercise is pleasing to Him. And He will bless us accordingly.

As the old song goes, “We walk by faith and not by sight.”



Our Heavenly Dad, help our unbelief. Help us develop a closer relationship with you. Help us to walk with you. Help us to see life through your eyes; to evaluate our circumstances and surroundings with you the central core.

We praise you and worship you. Let your faith live in us and through us. Let everything we believe and act upon be done for your glory and honor.  Let this life be a living example of your way of life. Let your spirit come alive and breathe through us. Let your faith surround us. Whenever doubt arrives, let faith stand up and be victorious. Let faith be your living power expressed in this life.  We thank you, praise you, and bless you. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God
Portal: Be Radical…EnjoyLifeInChrist.com

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