Our Most Intimate Companion


“…but I have called you friends,…”

John 15:15

companion 5

When you walk with God, you have the ultimate companion.  You have someone who is always there when you need them.  Someone you always are able to depend on. Someone you know is your friend independent of the situation.

When you follow Christ though, you quickly come to realize that you are not the most popular person in the world.  You are not a rock star, or basketball superstar, or a famous Hollywood movie star.  You are unique.  And your uniqueness turns many people away from you because you are not acceptable to world standards.  Yes, the righteous will find you uncomfortable to walk with.  The rich will find you a stumbling block.  The powerful will find you threatening the status quo.  The experts will question your credentials.  The elders will find you rebellious.  The sinner will accept you as one of them until they realize your abhorrence to sin.  The naive will consider you their messiah until they find that you preach acceptance of personal responsibility for your actions.  The minority will push their agendas on you until they realize you have no distinction between races, sexes, or political affiliations.  The right wing will consider you a liberal while the left wing insists you’re a conservative.  Your pastor thinks you are uncommitted.  Your family says you’re a little strange.  Your neighbors love you but can’t seem to accept you as you are.  Your coworkers respect you but wonder when you are going to become normal.  Your children honor you and accept your eccentricities as part of the aging process.  And you wonder how come your companions are few?

Jesus selected twelve disciples that where the closest to him.  Of the twelve, three where the most intimate with him, Peter, John and James.  Jesus didn’t have a physical wife or children of His own.  His companions consisted of those who walked with Him on Kingdom’s mission.  He ministered to them while they ministered to Him.  His companions came to Him by His Dad to start the work that He was prophesied to complete.  Not everyone was excited about the Kingdom of God.  Only those people whose passion towards the Kingdom came alive did Jesus bring close to His bosom. and one of them was going to betray Him.  Many of them didn’t even capture the real vision of the Kingdom during His ministry.  Yet Jesus chose them, ministered to them, taught them, loved them, played with them, and worked with them, giving them the best years of His life including the ultimate, life itself.

The best companion we all have is Jesus and the friends He brings to us while sharing the gospel of the Kingdom.  Our companions are few, but true.



Oh Loving Dad, thank you for bringing Jesus into our life!  He was God from the beginning of time.  He emptied himself to become a human person, and humbly died on the cross.  Yet today, you raised Him up and glorified Him.  You made Him King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Savior of Saviors, and Friend of Friends.

Jesus, you are our King, Lord, Savior, and Friend.  Thank you for loving us from the beginning of time and revealing to us your love now when we most need it.  Help us to learn from you.  Help us to live with you.  Help us to love you.

Live in us as the Father lived in you while you walked this planet.  Let your love abound in us.  Let your peace surround us.  Let your majesty precede us.

Thank you for hearing and interceding in our prayers.  Thank you for all your help.  Thank you for always being with us as a true friend.  Help us be a friend for others as you are for us.  Thank you, Jesus.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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