Recruit, Commit, Coach

The general mission of the church is recorded in the last chapter of Matthew; to actively make disciples, to baptize them into the universal church, and to educate them in total surrender of Jesus’ teachings.great commission 1

In addition to the main mission, we each have our personal ministry. Depending on the season of our life and God’s Plan, it may change over time.  For most of us, our personal ministry is first with the immediate family and then to the building up of the church. The Church, of course, is not necessary the local faith community but the universal body of believers.  It would include the people from the local church that we attend on a regular basis and also the other churches in our community.  It would also include God’s work in the marketplace.  Again, our mission is to make disciples and to buildup fellow saints of God.

Since most of us are only a little, baby toe in the body of Christ without a visible, publicly noticed ministry, our work is done only visibly to our Lord who we serve.  This toe only touches the people who it comes into contact with.  It doesn’t seek public recognition, but believes that privacy has its greatest benefits in serving the body of Christ.

Now some of our brethren believe their mission is to win souls to the Lord.  We have a problem with that approach since the soul is a difficult portion of the body to evaluate.  The making of disciples is an easier concept to manage.  It is something that we have a greater control over to make happen than changing a person’s soul.  We believe conversion and sanctification is God’s department.  Our part is simply to recruit people who want to follow Jesus, coach them to acknowledge their commit to follow Christ, and then to teach them the Word.  The process of regeneration and salvation is the Lord’s.  That depends on the person’s relationship with God.  It depends on a person’s personal commitment.  We could recruit one hundred people who desire to become Christ-followers.  That doesn’t mean that all one hundred are going to faithfully endure to the end.  We are sure most will.  But there are always a few that would rather surrender their soul to this temporary world and its leader than to the Lord of eternity.

great commission 2

We likewise have great difficulty believing that all those people who have lived the past six thousand years without hearing about the gospel of Jesus are doomed for eternity.  That doesn’t sound like the loving God we have come to know.  Because someone hasn’t been told, how can they be held accountable?

No, we believe the Son is the only way of salvation.  However winning souls is our Heavenly Dad’s responsibility who calls us to a relationship with Jesus (Jn6: 44) and the Holy Spirit that works in us today.  Our mission is clear: Recruit (Seek + Disciple), Commit (Baptize), and Coach (Teach).



Dear Merciful Dad, your plan from the beginning of creation was to reconcile all people to you.  You selected the nation of Israel as your initial people to work with and to reveal your ways.  Eventually. you sent us Jesus to open the door for all people from any nation, culture, ethnic group to become one with you.  Your plan is simple and straight forward.  Help us to be a part of it.

Help us to share the gospel of Jesus with others.  Help us to reveal you as we have come to know you.  Help us to teach your ways of abundant living to others.  Help us to direct others to a deep, personal relationship with you.

You are the source of our strength.  You are the passion of our life.  You are the desire of our dreams.  You are the hope of our future.  Let your life be revealed through our thoughts, actions, and deeds.  Let all we do be done for your glory.  Let others come to see your awesomeness as you have revealed yourself to us.

Everything is yours.  Thank you for sharing everything with us.  Help us share everything with others.  In Jesus we thank you and always pray in His name and authority.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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