With God or Without God?

with god 4

Dallas Willard, author and minister, passed away last year. I for one truly enjoyed his work and will miss him. He was blessed with insight to take “religious concepts” and make them practical for us non-theologians.

One of his concepts was to explain life as “the with-God life.” A life centered in Christ and experienced through the Holy Spirit. The opposite would be a life apart from God.  So in reflecting, I wrote below a few reasons why I enjoy the with-God life.

With God we enjoy His Blessings; apart from God we are confronted by luck.

With God we experience His divine nature; apart from God we are left along with our human limitations.

With God we catch His Life; apart from God we are taught life.

With God we are found in Christ; apart from God we are lost in Christ.

With God we are comforted by his Spirit; apart from God we are left on our own.

With God we have purpose for life; apart from God, we act like an accidental blip that evolved from cosmic dust.

With God we realize our divine design; apart from God, we strive to make ourselves unfulfilled.

With God we discover wholesomeness; apart from God, we are never satisfied.

With God we participate in his Story; apart from God, we mess up our lines.

With God we have hope; apart from God, we walk plagued by fear.

With God we learn to love; apart from God, we are painfully lonely.

With God we are fully alive; apart from God, we are dead men walking.

You may notice, I have a bias toward enjoying life with God. How about you?  What else would you add to the above list?



Our Holy Father, Holy Lord, and Holy Spirit — Thank you for sharing your life with us and allowing us to experience life as you intended it to be.  Let our life glorify you.  Let your Kingdom be fruitful wherever we go.  Let your Spirit touch the lives of all with we come into contact.  Help us live our life with you.  Wherever you go; whatever you are doing in our little world, help us see and participate with you.  Whoever we can meet and speak about you, give us the wisdom, words, and grace to honor you.  Bless this life so we can be a blessing for others.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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