How About Blessing Those You Are With?

blessed 1

Someone once made the comment that if you have something to share with others, than you are actually one blessed person. In doesn’t mean you are super wealthy. It only means that you have more than you actual need at the moment. In fact, having something to share may be more than just material items. It may also include time, words, compassion, encouragement, hope, and maybe even a listening ear.
Have you ever considered that our God is in the blessing business?  So how about partnering with Him with the people around you at this very moment? What can you say or do that blesses the other people around you at this very moment? What can you say or do to bless those you meet during the day? What can you say or do to bless those who come within ten feet of you today?
In fact, how about asking God today to lead you to be a blessing for at least one person this day? and then one person everyday for one week? Afterward, you will experience what Jesus meant when he said it is more blessed to give than receive (Acts 20:35).


prayer 5

Heavenly Father, Son, and Spirit – Thank you for your blessings upon our life. Help us to be a blessing to others as you are a blessing to us. Continue to bless us so we may bless others. For every good thing comes from you. Help us to bring good things to others.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Consultant, Coach, Encourager
Author of Great Business Emulates A Good God

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