Making Decisions

Our personal decisions have a greater impact into other people’s lives than we may ever realize. When Eve decided to take the forbidden fruit that looked so attractive to her, did she consider the consequences of her decision? In a recent decision that you made last week, did you consider all the people who owned a part of the decision and its ramifications? Probably not. Most of us don’t unless we are reminded.

What the story of Adam and Eve demonstrates is that we all forego a better solution so we may immediately satisfy our personal desires. One effective technique I’ve learned over the years before making any decision is to list at a minimum three other parties that may be impacted by the outcome. From that list, I contact each one for their opinion of the impact of the decision in their world. From their answers, we do our best to develop a solution that will be best for all parties. Some may benefit slightly better than others, but all need to benefit in some way.

Imagine if Eve followed in such a manner. She would have taken the serpents’ statements and asked herself who else would be impacted by the decision. Her list of a minimum of three would include Adam, God, and the serpent. If she had spoken directly with God, He would have gladly given her the consequences of such an action. If she discussed it with Adam, he would have given his view of the situation. Likewise, even though the serpent is a deceiver, one could match his replies with God’s and Adam’s to determine the best course of action. Do you think if she followed such an approach that the world would be in a different place today?

It is a simple approach that has served well over the years for many leaders. The challenge is to always implement the same process each time. Otherwise, the time one fails to follow through is the one event causing one’s world to fall apart. Again just another simple approach to manage the multiple decisions that every leader needs to make. Or is that simply too radical for you?


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Our heavenly Father, Lord, and Spirit: thank you for sharing your heart with us. Thank you for caring enough for us to help learn your values, truths, and purposes. Help us to seek counsel from others who may be impacted by the decisions we make. Help us to seek the answer not only from you, but all others who may be impacted by our decisions. Help us to be honest and caring for all the people and lives our decision impacts. Help us walk with you in the entire decision making process and open our eyes to see and ears to hear the truth and best solutions for all parties involved. Thank you Lord.


Yours in Christ,

Dr. Mike

Executive Chair, Consultant, and Encourager
Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center, Inc
Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God &
Be Radical…Follow Christ!

Learn. Integrate. Grow.


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