Is Money The Answer?

“Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything.”  Ecclesiastes 10:19 (ESV)

bread 1 wine 1

The first pages of the Bible that I every read was the Book of Ecclesiastes. As a seventeen year old seeker of God, I was stumped to understand the contents of the Book. What is so spiritual about physical pleasures? marriage? labor? Is all vanity? Yet the first scripture that I found excited as a young entrepreneur was the above. Living in a physical world which requires physical food, drink, and power to function, the above scripture makes more sense than just dollars. In fact, 40 years later the scripture has more meaning now than ever before.

For example, bread and wine are the dinner staples of Biblical times. Every dinner included the two. Jesus himself at the last supper took these two staples and transformed them into an everyday memorial. Whenever bread and wine are taken, we are reminded of Jesus and commemorate his death, resurrection, and future return. (Maybe that is where the custom of saying prayer before each meal came from?).

Also, isn’t bread shared between friends. It is a custom even as of today to invite people over for meals as a show of friendship and hospitality. Most often, where laughter and good conversation takes place, bread is usually a staple of the meal. Likewise, wine with its alcoholic contents, loosens the heart and helps ease the emotional pain. Been so since the beginning of time. A little wine loosens the tongue and makes one feel a little happier. (Too much wine though causes one to lose control of their ability to manage their emotions and mental faculties). Yet in Biblical times wine was the main drink at weddings, festivals, and dinner. Jesus’ first known miracle was changing water into wine.

Most people don’t have a problem understanding bread is made for laughter; a few less with wine gladden’s the heart; but money a solution to one’s problems? Yet money is the answer for most of the challenges that people face each day. With money, one is able to purchase happiness (not joy), freedom, and opportunities that others without money cannot know. Ask yourself with the many challenges you face each day, how would they be different if you had more money to throw at the problem?

In fact Jesus spoke about money more than many other topics. He didn’t avoid the issue. Instead, he met it head on. His concern is when we make it a priority rather than secondary in our life. Yet money makes this physical world go around. If given the choice, how many would rather be poor than rich? Not many I’m sure.

In this physical world, it takes money to operate. People need money to purchase the necessities of life; governments need it to operate; even churches need it to cover the cost of ministries. Money answers many of the problems that confront them.

Again, the problem lies when money becomes life’s priority and foundation instead of Jesus Christ. When one keeps their priorities in order, is radically in Christ, than the above scripture makes perfect sense. What do you think?


We are always rooting for you!

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Mike

Executive Chair, Consultant, Encourager
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& Resource Center, Inc
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