Twenty Minutes, Twenty Days, Twenty Years

“What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” James 4:14 ESV


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One of our small group member’s Mom passed away this week. This past year along, his father and sister likewise died.  The loss of three of your family members in one year is more grief than most of us sustain in any year. Yet, for us still alive and dealing with the challenges of life, death is sobering and allows us to pause for the moment to reflect on what is most important in our world.

This is when I most often think of the 20/20/20 concept. If you knew you only had twenty more minutes to live, what would you do?  If you knew you only had twenty more days to live, what would you do? And what if you knew you only had twenty more years left to live, what would you do? At least once a year I ask myself these questions to be sure we are intentionally redeeming the time in our life.

By asking the twenty minute question, I focus on those people who are most important in my life and let them know I love them, appreciate them, and am rooting for them. I don’t like to say good-byes. Instead, I let them know good tidings until we meet again.

The twenty day question helps me focus on those important items that need to be completed. If I knew I had only twenty more days left, would I be doing this? If it is important for someone in my world that I truly care about, I would probably do it. Otherwise, if we only had twenty more days left, what are those items that I always wanted to do, but always postponed them with the lazy excuse. If it is not important, admit it. If it is important, do it.

Then there is the twenty year question. If you knew you had twenty more years to accomplish something in this life, what would you do? This question helps you focus on your career or mission in life.  Instead of trying to accomplish everything overnight, you could easily start today and slowly work towards your personal worthwhile goal. As long as you are realizing your goal, you are being successful in your pursuit. It adds flavor to life, allows you to fully express your talents, and you can take on other temporary assignments knowing this is only a temporary obstacle and you will eventually accomplish your goal over time. It helps you to keep focused on the important aspects of life. You may occasionally deviate from you plan, but always return to it knowing that in twenty years you can look back and appreciate the people and events that God has allowed you to experience and share in preparing you for eternity.

So why not take the time today and ask yourself: twenty minutes? twenty days? twenty years? You may be pleasantly surprised by your answers.


Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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