“There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job, and that man was blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil…this man was the greatest of all the people of the east.” JOB 1:1-3

job 2

Woe is me! You are welcome to come to my self-pity party. No one understands me. Life stinks. Why doesn’t God hear my prayers? I quit. These are words that I and many others have said someplace, somewhere, sometime in our journey through life. Especially when circumstances didn’t meet our expectations.

At times like this, I like to reread the Book of Job in the Old Testament. Theologians believe this is the first book written in the Bible. It is a story of a very successful businessman, family man, and philanthropist who ran into destructive circumstances beyond his control. God even stated that Job was blameless in his walk with Him.

Yet in a manner of days, he lost everything; all his wealth, his entire family except for his wife who even doubted him, and his physical health. His friends came to comfort him only to bombard him with religious formula’s and concepts blaming him for his downfall. Most remarkably though, through the entire ordeal he remained blameless before God. His main request through this painful trial was the desire to have a conference with God so he could debate his position. And God did grant him his request. In the end of his story, God confronted him and began to question Job. It was then that Job realized his insignificance before God, acknowledged His authority, and appreciated coming to know Him more intimately than ever before.

Being human, we all suffer at times with what I call “JOB-I-TIS.” A condition where our entire world seems to fall apart. Where we stand totally naked in mind, heart, and will before God. Where everything is beyond our capacity to manage or change. What good can come out of all this? How does one grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ? How does our relationship with the Triune God becomes more intimate?

Is it not the more challenging times when our world is collapsing that we draw closer to God? Isn’t this the moment of truth when we find out where we stand before God? If our expectations are not met, we either turn away from God and return to our own ways, or we trust God that He will bring about a better solution. It is at moments like this where we are stretched beyond our self-imposed capacity. If we hang in there long enough, we are reminded that God is doing a wonderful work in us. He is creating a new you in Christ. It isn’t easy. Yet it is highly eternally rewarding. Our reward may not come at this time or in this life (many martyrs of the faith have displayed this fact). Yet our reward now is a more intimate, growing relationship with God as a byproduct through the trials and tests that life produces. To have a mutual relationship with the Creator God is more joy than one can ever imagine. And yes, even our faith is strengthen when God pulls us through the trial through the other end.

So the next time you experience that JOBITIS condition, remember Job’s story. Yes he suffered through a painful event. Yet in the end, he came out more blessed than ever before. That is the hand of God who is always with you and for you as we walk through the trials and tests of this life.


Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Executive Chair, Consultant, Encourager
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& Resource Center, Inc
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