How Do Blessings Come To You?

               In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Philippians 2:5 NIV

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Ever notice how God’s blessings come through relationships? The riches He shares with us are typically presented to us via people. If it weren’t people, how many of us would truly experience the vast array of God’s love-based arsenal?

Whether we are speaking about the relationship built within the bonds of marriage  and family, or the network operating within the business or social community, people are the means that God shares his attributes and wealth. Likewise, God works with people to disciple us, discipline us, and uplift us. He inspires people to share their personal wealth with us. He encourages people to reach out and support you & I during times of pain. He brings people into our circle to help us along the way.

When Moses was chosen by God to lead the Israelite’s out of Egypt, He brought Aaron along to assist him. When Ruth and Naomi found themselves without husbands and children, God brought them to a land to meet kinsman Boaz. When Saul became Paul in his early conversion, believers were unsure of his faith, so God brought Barnabas to him.

Throughout life, whether you lean on God or not, he brings people into your world at a time when you need help.

So cherish those around you. Greet everyone you meet as a brother or sister in Christ. Learn to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in your life. You may find yourself one day being a conduit for the living God as He blesses others through you.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Executive Director & Founder
Marketplace Bible Institute
& Resource Center, Inc
Author of e-Books:
 *  Great Business Emulates a Good God
 *  Be Radical…Follow Christ!
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