Are You Stealing From God?

“You shall not steal. Exodus 20:15 ESV.

steal 1

When Sin is only the breaking of a principle or rule, it makes the transaction non-personal. However, when Sin breaks into the life of another person, than it becomes a relational issue.  It wasn’t until I saw Sin as doing damage between God and people that I made the firm commitment to stop hurting others in my world.

More so, when I realized that Sin is stealing from God’s goodness, I shuttered in horror.

In addition, when I realized that Sin is also stealing from my mate and daughter and brothers and parents and friends, I quickly repented and cried out for help.

We do not want to hurt the ones we love. In fact, we want to honor them and bless them with everything good within our means. So when we “break” one of the commandments of God it is no longer me just trying to manage another item. Instead, I now realize we are hurting others who may not even know of the situation but are simply the victim of my poor choices.

How long do you think we can go on stealing from God and succeed in life?

How long do you think we can go on stealing from our love ones and succeed in life?

How long do you think we can go on stealing from others and succeed in life?

You may see Stealing as a short-term solution to your current problem. However the long term impact is always more costly. Instead, do the more honorable thing. Do what is right before God. The consequences of not respecting God’s will is more painful in the long term than the short term inconvenience you may have to suffer. Sin is never a good thing.  It always negatively impacts your life and the lives of others.  You may not see it immediately, but in hindsight, you will only wish you could replay the event over again. Therefore why not choose the more honorable path today?

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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