Business Is Ministry

“There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.” 1 Corinthians 12:5 NIV.


Sometimes we cause problems for others without realizing the impact of our words or actions. Those who have a platform to impact others will give an account for their work. This includes Church pastors, Bible teachers, and ignorant believers.

I include ignorant believers with pastors and teachers under the assumption that they are believers but at times may be ignorant of the subject matter. This is so true when it comes to the Body of Christ outside of the four walls of an organized faith community.

Somewhere, someone once taught that Pastors and missionaries are the most important roles in the world today. That CEO’s, government leaders, and moms are secondary in God’s eyes. Yet when one truly understands the Bible and the work of the Holy Spirit, one may want to step back and evaluate the importance of each.

Jesus himself stated that man shall not live by bread alone but with every word that comes from the mouth of God. He didn’t elevate one over the other but considered both important for the human experience.

The church mission is important. So is the mission of business, education, government, etc. If people didn’t focus on building houses, hospitals, schools, roads, clothes, and farms, would we even consider God’s word?

Business is a ministry because business serves the needs of people. The word ministry simply means service. God instructed us to serve one another. We serve one another by providing material and spiritual food for each other. We serve one another by sharing and adding value to God’s creation.

All the gifts of the Holy Spirit also operate outside of the four walls of a church community. The gift of leadership is exercised as a witness within the public forum. Like any gift, it may be used to glorify God or for selfish pursuit. Whether behind a pulpit or a corporate boardroom, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are shared for the means of serving others and glorifying God, or solely for personal gain.

Church is in session outside of the four walls of a faith community for more hours than one hour Sunday morning. The only difference may be sermons are being preached through the attitudes and actions of Christ-following CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, senior managers, supervisors, and technicians throughout the day. Instead of praising God through music, these people are praising God through their God-given gifts of service creating new start-ups, jobs, and products for the masses.

Contrary to many pastors who have gone through their denominational, institutional training, there are many different ways to conduct a church service. What they may be comfortable with is simply one way. Could it be possible that a business model led by Spirit-filled believers could also be a church service? A place to worship our great God? A place to learn how faith, love, and hope play out in the real world? A place where the offering is self-sacrificing service to others?

Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at how BIG our God is and realize that the world is our pastoral home. That business is only another way for believers to serve their King, His subjects, and His domain. God’s world, His church, and His people can change the culture around them; but only when the Body of Christ removes the self-imposed limits and allow God’s Kingdom to expand outside the four walls of a faith community.



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