Accountability – Maybe

Therefore let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity…Heb. 6:1 ESV.

Imagine if God didn’t do his job. If He decided to take time off and leave the universe operating by itself; without anyone accountable or responsible for its maintenance. Some in fact believe that is precisely what God has done. These are our deists friends. They believe God created the universe, walked away, and then left everything for us to operate and finish the work. Yet we are reassured throughout Scripture that God is on his throne and continues to be involved in the lives of his children. He is not an absentee parent. He takes personal responsibility for the rearing of his children.

Now some of us may prefer to have him neglect his involvement in their life, but I for one appreciates his graceful, untimely interventions. Otherwise this life may have been over a long time ago.

Yet all this leads to the question, “how accountable are we in our relationships and responsibilities?” Do we accept personal responsibility for the development of the relationship or just expect everything to fall into place without effort? Are we accountable too others for the contribution of the relationship or expect the other side to do all the giving and we just take?  Or are we control freaks who need to dominate and control the relationship?

If we haven’t taken the time to understand the impact we have in the lives of others, maybe it’s time to evaluate. Are we carrying our share of the load or leaving it for others? Maybe it’s time to accept personal responsibility for our actions and be held accountable by others. Maybe it’s time to grow up and become the person we were designed to be.

A part of maturity is accepting our role in the lives of others. That would include our mates, parents, siblings, neighbors, work associates, fellow citizens, and yes, even God. He’s done most of the work already. We just have to accept our role in the matter. Is it too hard of a matter to be held accountable by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? It’s His story. We have the privilege to participate with him and hold up our side of the relationship. And our relationship with Him includes everyone else in our tiny world. So maybe being accountable to others isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe it’s the one thing still holding us back from experiencing life the way He designed it to be.

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Dr. Mike

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