Kingdom Actions #1

Romans 15:1
  • We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.ESV.


This morning while biking I experienced God’s Kingdom in action. The bike path takes us through a public park which maintains a 1/2 mile circular track for runners and bikers. No vehicles allowed. However today, a F-150 pickup truck decided to jump onto the track as a short-cut to the football field.  As the truck came toward me, it brought back memories of those early childhood bike games we played in the parking lot next to the library. It was called “chicken.”

Two 8 or 9 year old boys would line up their bikes across from each other on each end of the parking lot. We would count to three and ride directly toward each other at full speed. The one who chicken-out by turning away at the last minute to avoid a collision would be the loser. The other would be the winner through default.  I never avoided the collision as a youth.

Today as the maintenance truck sped toward me, my youthful “chicken” mentality initially kicked-in. However, the grown up adult mind quickly came back as I realized a bike collision into a moving truck would cause more damage to me than he. Therefore I was ready to get off the cement trail unto the grass knob and give the heavy metal truck the right-of-way. However, just then  the truck turned itself off the trail onto the grassy knob allowing me to continue without turning. The stronger gave way for the weaker.

A smile then crossed my face. I just witnessed God’s kingdom in action.  Those of us who are stronger, those of us in position of leadership, those of us who have more, need to serve those with less. When the opportunity presents itself, we are to step aside and help those who are weaker. Instead of lording over those who are weaker, we are to serve them.

It may have been a pickup truck and bike, but it was a friendly reminder that God’s ways work. How about your world? Where do you see God’s kingdom in action?

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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