God’s Government

Hebrews 8:10

For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my laws into their minds, and write them on their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

The prime message Jesus preached during his short stay on earth pertains to His Kingdom. The Bible identifies His government as the Kingdom of God. Jesus is King and we are His ambassadors of His domain.

The central core of His government is built upon His law of Love. He demonstrated His Love through acts of selflessness and humility without delineating from truth, mercy, and justice.   

The motivating intent of service for others comes from the centralized heart of a person. Either the person is serving for their personal gain without concern for the other guy or they are concern for the other person as well as their own.

Every person struggles with the battle between their carnal desires and God’s divine nature. With the soul acting as the governing agency, God’s Spirit influences our spirit. When we yield and marry our spirit with HIS, we become more like HIM in character and attitude. God’s Kingdom is managed through His Spirit influencing our spirit.

As we study HIS ways and teachings, our minds become more transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. Our morals, values, and attitude become more like HIS. Instead of having ten thousand laws on the books to decipher and adhere too, we exercise HIS wisdom and insight to discern an appropriate response built upon the foundation of HIS love and justice. 

The message of God’s government is as important today as it was in HIS time two thousand years ago. Throughout history, people in power have abused their authority for personal gain at the expense of others. All the written laws cannot change a person’s heart. Only God through HIS Spirit living in you has the power to change you into the person you were meant to become.

No matter your political affiliation, the only thing which will unite people, limit governmental abuse, and usher governance that allows all people to flourish, is God’s Kingdom. Meanwhile, the result of a smaller role the Triune God is allowed in people’s life, produces mammoth government, less freedom, and more financial hardships. History demonstrates the best governed are the least governed when morality is the central hub all believe and follow. But when carnal desires lead, corruption, violence, and pain is the norm.

God’s government is available for everyone who wants too experience life to the fullest for themselves and others. Yet they must first personally surrender to King Jesus. When you yield to his authority in your life, you begin the process of relearning what is important and of value. Relationships are restored. People trust and cooperate with one another. You begin to view life through the eyes of God who created you for HIS good pleasure.

And HIS pleasure is to watch you grow and mature and succeed in HIS family business. And yes, HIS family business includes HIS government which is limited in structure but highly effective. And includes your business, family, and community.

Imagine a world without poverty, people fully engaged in uplifting their fellow beings, and one centralized government built upon God’s love. Yes, maybe you can now better understand why I believe mankind’s answer to their governmental problems starts and ends with Jesus Christ.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Encourager & Author of e-Books

 *  Dancing With God: Life-Giving Theology Explained
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