Sin Trap

James 1:15

Then (carnal) desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

Sin is the Biblical definition of destructive conduct within relationships. The conduct includes behavior, thought, and attitude. The relationship is with the entire human race and the Triune God. It covers everyone and holds each of us personally responsible and accountable.

Initially God gave the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) through Moses for the people of Israel. These commandments outline the standards when broken will lead to destructive outcomes – Sin. The first four Commandments highlight our behavior toward God and the remaining six Commandments toward people.

Jesus summarized and expounded on the Ten Commandments with one new standard which is really the backbone of the Ten; that is to love one another as He loved us (John 15:12). His command expanded the Ten Commandments from not only behavior but how we think toward one another.

The basis of conduct within the Western world has been built upon these principles. Yet as people forget God and discard the Bible as an ancient book with no current relevancy, today’s culture is discovering the pain of sin.

The Sin Trap that we all have to avoid is thinking it doesn’t apply to us. We take hold of our pride and believe we have a better way of living out life which doesn’t include God nor the Bible. We fall into the false illusion that we can manage and control all our relationships. Or we falsely believe we are accountable to no one but ourselves.

If there is no God, then yes go and abuse yourself and everyone around you. However, if there is a God, then we all have a problem. A big problem. Since this is then HIS HOUSE, He makes the rules. If we don’t like those rules, he will gladly show us the way out. However, since he is a very generous host, we can be thankful he exercises patience with us.

Sin may be an old fashion Biblical term, but its negative impact is still real today. For those of us who understand and avoid their temptations, we have seen the joy and life’s fulfillment in the process. We have likewise when weak fallen into the trap felt the pain and destruction of our decision. When one seen both sides of the outcome, one is more bent on erroring on the side of love with its consequences rather than ignoring known destructive paths.

Sin is real. We witness the outcome everyday through our actions and the actions of others. When we think we are above such behavior, life has a way to bring us down. Yet, God has also given us a way out. His name is Jesus Christ.

When you look at the evidence of HIS life, everything HE did for you and I, you will call him LORD, GOD, and Savior. He provided the means to restore humanity’s relationship with our heavenly Father, and the means to live am abundant life surrounded by destructive, sinful behavior. He is God’s solution to sin.

The culture around you may throw sin in your face, and provide you with crazy solutions which only lead to more destructive behavior, but in your wisdom, you will note that two wrongs don’t make a right. Instead, as we mature in the faith, we come to realize Jesus has already provide us the means to avoid the Sin trap and live life to your full potential.      

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Encourager & Author of e-Books

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