Godly Living?

1 Timothy 4:8

for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come. ESV

How rewarding is it to live a godly life? What is my return on time and effort to pursue godliness? How does one incrementally grow in godliness? And what is godliness?

There have probably been more books written and sermons given on godliness than I could count. Yet I still struggle with a good, concise definition to share with others. The best I have come up with is this: Godliness is the outer expression of a God-Centered life.

When one’s life is built on the foundation of the Incarnate Triune God, with Jesus Christ being the cornerstone, one’s beliefs, thoughts, and actions are motivated from a heart of glorifying the Creator God.

The desire is to please HIM – to make HIM known – and to reflect his glory with everyone you meet. One’s attitude and behavior begin to resemble the values and priorities of the Biblical God more and more.

As one hangs out with the Triune God, one begins to put on HIS characteristics. The fruit of the Spirit becomes more evident. The heart of God slowly melts away the rough, carnal ridges and replace them with HIS divine attributes. The child begins to grow into the image and likeness of HIS Dad.

Yes, training in godliness benefits one today and leads to a richer life tomorrow. And yes, pain and suffering still attacks even the godly one. But the response follows the lead of Jesus. He suffered and so will we. But through the process, God is glorified. And godliness is centered and focused on that principle. To walk, speak, and commune with our God on a regular, natural basis where HIS divine nature becomes more and more expressive through us is godliness paying tribute to God Almighty.

The glory, honor, and power are always HIS. We are now only the conduits who are given the privilege to share HIM with everyone else. Tomorrow, we will be like HIM because we will see HIM as HE truly IS. But today, this is the best I can do to express what godliness means to me. Yet, however you define godliness, I only hope you experience the same, if not more, of HIS attributes to share with others and live a more, productive, and meaningful life while showering under HIS Divine Nature.

Godliness is HIS expression through you.   

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Encourager & Author of e-Books

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