This one became my phone ring theme for over a year….

Wherever you go, does God’s Kingdom bloom or do you sink down into the worldly culture around you?

If your life isn’t how Jesus describes it in the Bible, than what is missing? Tired with playing the part instead of fully engaging in Christ with all His Blessings for you?

Is your Life an adventurous journey of transformation in Christ or simply a battle to hang on to what you have and who you are?

Ask Him directly because you want to; Seek Him hungerly because you realize how spiritually malnourished  you truly are; Knock on the doors that come before you, but don’t force them open, instead open them gently. If they open easily and gracefully, then you know you are on the correct path. If you are forcing them, than you are only seeking your desires rather than allowing your heavenly Father’s desire for you.

God created Life to enjoy; however sin breaks down the celebration we have in Him. Lean on Him, Learn from Him, Love Him. Only then will life truly come alive the way He created it to be.

Dr. Mike

 Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


This is one of those classical pieces that I can play over and over again without ever getting tired listening to it. Though most of the time we hear it during the x-mas season, I find it even more enjoyable listening to it the rest of the year. So why wait until December?  What is wrong with celebrating the Spirit of X-mas today and everyday?

What is your favorite classical christian music piece?