Entitlement Theology

Romans 14:17 NASB
…for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


Good theology is life-giving. Poor theology is life-draining. Good theology is built upon the character of God. Poor theology is grounded in projected fantasy. Good theology is fundamentally integrated within the good news of Jesus Christ. Poor theology is centered around human passions.

There are many new believers whose knowledge of God is flawed around the entitlement mindset. They generally have been exposed to a message that God’s purpose is built around you the individual. That your salvation is an agreement where God’s purpose is to exchange his blessing for your loyalty. That His sole mission is for your success and happiness. That you are the center of the universe and He will make all your dreams and desires become reality.

If this is you, you may want to reread your Bible.

Take Jonah as an example. God called him with the mission to preach to the people of Nineveh, his enemies. Jonah instead chose to flee from God. God though in his mercy worked out circumstances for Jonah to change his mind. He eventually made it to Nineveh, preached, and the people repented. You would think that Jonah would have been delighted with the results. Instead he pouted. God’s actions didn’t align with his beliefs. He thought that God should have destroyed these people. But God had other plans.

Entitlement theology is centered around the self. Instead of making our story and goals the main purpose of life, we need to surrender to our Lord’s purpose. When we do, the byproduct is to experience the richness of God’s character. We still have our dreams and goals but have submitted these under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Which means, if we are allowed to pursue and achieve them we are grateful and appreciative. However, it also means if we are not allowed to achieve them, we are also grateful and appreciative.

Our life is hidden in Jesus Christ. His story is the main one. Our story is a very, very, very small byline within His storyline. Apart from Him, we would be on death row. He has introduced us to His Father who has adopted us into the divine family. Not because we are entitled, but because Jesus Christ is entitled to everything. He is the reason we live, breathe, and have hope today and tomorrow. And yes, we are included.

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 ” …all things were created through him and for him.” Colossians 1:15-17 ESV

entitlements 3


Where are we taught that the world owes us something?  That government, church, or business exists to satisfy our desires? What does life owe us besides our existence? Are we entitled  to fulfill all our dreams? These are some questions people may ask from the position of “what’s in it for me?”

Like a spoiled child, we believe all our desires and dreams should be instantly gratified.  When they are not, we become emotionally belligerent.  We turn our resentment against whomever has denied us our “rights.”  Whether it is our boss, mate, parent, government, and yes even God.  However, like a repented spoiled child, we learn over time to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. But for most of us, it takes time for the heart to morph into a channel of thankfulness.

One of life’s lessons we eventually come to realize is this world doesn’t exist solely for you and I. The Bible states that the world was created for Jesus Christ.  We are simply his invited stewards.

It is Jesus Christ who surrendered his eternal home on a mission for his Father. Faithfully and courageously he fought the battles of life to overcome Satan, Sin, and Death. He substituted His vicarious life for ours. He redeemed humanity from their initial rebellion against grace. His victory is humanity’s win. He earned the right for supreme leadership as King of all kings and Lord of all lords. He is earth’s and heaven’s ultimate Ruler and Judge.

So what are we entitled too?

How about the opportunity to live?  Even though the quality and quantity is limited by many outside factors beyond one’s control, born in a favorable family or government increases ones odds. However, there is no guarantees under the sun. The results of what we pursue and chase after may or may not occur. Only physical death (and some say taxes, but if you have no qualified income, taxes are legally avoidable) is absolute.  Therefore, the only thing we are truly entitled too is the opportunity to live and die.

Everything else is only because of God’s unmerited favor. In fact, because of God’s grace, those who have gladly chosen to accept his authority have the guarantee of the 1st resurrection.  Otherwise, all other perceived entitlements are simply desires that blind and rob us from a more intimate relationship with our Creator: whose blessings are more than enough to handle in this life.


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