1 Thessalonians 4:7

For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness.

What do you picture when you think of holiness?

I recall back in my bachelorhood days an incident which help me crystalize how misguided religious and non-religious people classified holy people.

After an afternoon date with someone who was visiting the area for the first time, and before we went our separate ways, she looked at me in a stunning poise. Her words slowly out of her mouth were half being spoken to me and the other half as if she was thinking out loud. Simply paraphrasing, she was amazed that someone who was a baptized believer could have so much fun without harming anyone or doing anything semi-destructive in the process. I was dumbfounded. For me, being a recent follower of Jesus Christ was more exciting than anything I have experienced at that time and I wanted to live it out.

Yet she explained that she grew up in a household where dancing and even playing cards was considered taboo. Where “Christians” didn’t laugh and joke but carried on with serious discussions about life. That life was serious and there was no time for unproductive enjoyment.

I don’t recall my exact reply, but did mutter something about God must be the most enjoyable Being in the universe to hang around and I wanted to be like Him. Maybe I was fortunate to understand early in life that holiness wasn’t just about doing the right thing all the time like God, but being like God.

Think about it. God is holy. Therefore, holiness is the natural characteristic of God. What is God like?

From the natural inclination to express Himself in a loving manner at all times, he does ALL things from a heart of love. Yes, even when He disciplines or reproves us, He does so from a position of love. We may not think so, but like an adult looking back at their childhood, we realize that most of the time our imperfect parents disciplined us for our own good. God does the same.

His holiness includes not only doing the right things at the right time, but also being the person of love. From the position of love, He expresses His holiness with imagination, creativity, and foresight; He plans and executes his work to perfection; He laughs, cries, and even uses humor to illustrate a point. Yes, He is gentle and kind and merciful, but also spanking, chastising, and disciplining those He loves. He is the embodiment of joy and the author of faithfulness and competency.

What you soon realize is holiness contains more than just doing the right thing. It is being fully human by experiencing the divine nature of God. From the divine position, one learns to live life to the fullest without the worldly, imposed conditions. Love, joy, and peace aren’t goals to strive for but the outer expression of Him who lives in us. As we submit to His authority in our lives, we become more and more like Him in character and being. The work is not ours but his. We may put in the effort, but at the end of day we know without Him, the rock we push all day will not move without his cooperation. At the end of day, He is glorified.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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Romans 11:16
If the part of the dough offered as first fruits is holy, then the whole batch is holy; if the root is holy, so are the branches.

What makes something secular or sacred? Holy or unholy?

The culture around us likes to put everything into little boxes. We have religious boxes, government boxes, business boxes, family boxes, internet boxes, and so on and so on. Dependent on how religious or nonreligious we are, we also have boxes for what is secular and what is sacred.

Yet who or what determines if something is sacred or secular?

Is money sacred or secular? Is the beach sacred or secular? Is your automobile sacred or secular? Is your home secular or sacred? Are you secular or sacred?

Some like to think we determine which is which. But is that true? Because the government passes laws or decrees labeling something as sacred or secular, does it make it so? Because your aunt tells you what is sacred, does it make it so?  Or what your uncle believes makes it so?

What if I told you that everything is sacred because of who owns it and made it.

What makes something holy or secular is determined by its author. Whatever the Creator has made is an offshoot of His character. If the Creator is Holy, then His creation is holy.

However, when the original intent of His purpose is changed without His approval, then what is sacred may become polluted. In the eyes of an unbeliever, it becomes secular (separate from God’s purpose). Yet, through God’s eye, it is still redeemable. In God’s eyes it is still holy. But the holiness is lost through man’s eyes by his carnal desire to solely gratify himself.

For example, God created the earth, but mankind abuses the environment for his personal gain.

God created the social institutions of government, business, and education, but mankind disbar His authority for personal ambition and gain.

God created the sacredness of sex, but mankind perverts it for personal gain.

Everything God made and makes is holy and sacred. Whether or not we keep to His purpose and intent will determine whether or not its full purpose is being recognized and experienced.

So, until we stop separating everything between secular and sacred, and acknowledge the Triune God’s authority in everything around us, this wonderful world’s potential will never be fully realized.

O yes, that is why we look forward to when Jesus returns and a new age begins with Him leading world governments to participate in His original plans for his creation. Heaven on earth in its totality is coming!

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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