Lie Traps

Psalm 116:11

I said in my alarm, “All mankind are liars.”

Yes, we all lie. We lie to others, and we lie to ourselves. But some lie from an evil intent (Psalm 7:14) and others lie from denial (Psalm 12:2). Some lie from pride, and others fail to tell the truth for fear of losing out (Isaiah 59:4).

But God never lies (Titus 1:2). Satan on the other hand is the father of lies (John 8:44). Both speak from their character. Those who deliberately live life intentionally spreading harmful lies will end up in the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8). And even those who practice small lies, may have a tough time living under God’s favor (Psalm 101:7).

God really gets upset with those who lie in HIS name (Jeremiah 23:32), speaking from their own minds (Jeremiah 14:14) yet giving credit to HIM. So, when the lie never is fulfilled, God gets the short end of the stick. Yes, the end result is always the same, a life, business, or nation built on lies will not profit from them and will not remain standing (Jeremiah 16:19).

As a child, I learned that most people would rather believe lies than the truth. The lie was easier for them to digest whereas the truth was so uniquely rare people had a more difficult time accepting it. As one grows up, one slowly discovers the entire culture practices lies without acknowledging them as harmful. Yet lying, which I had to repent and learn the hard way, builds shaky relational structures which given enough time will collapse whatever TRUST was built between the parties. But aren’t our lies only to protect the pain from others?

We lie to be polite and unoffensive in our relationships.

We lie to avoid conflict rather than deal with an issue.

We lie to overcome the shortage of value in a product to a potential customer.

We lie to coverup our true feelings and intentions.

We lie about the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny.

Yet these lies we accept as innocent and a natural part of community living. On the other hand, we have politicians who constantly lie to us about matters of the State.

We have advertisers lie to us about their product or service.

We have countries lie to one another under the guise of propaganda.

We have people who angrily lie on the witness stand so they may see the destruction of someone who they hold bitter resentment or hatred against.

We have people deliberately lying to each other to gain something from the other which they desire and can’t honestly disclose their true intentions.

Lying is a natural, human weakness we either accept and play along or we acknowledge its harm and intentionally develop coping mannerism to combat the problem.

Yes, I believe there is a time to lie. When the hostile army is looking for an enemy of the state and you are protecting that person’s life, your intention is to save a life which supersedes your white lie at the moment. Many non-Jewish people were placed in such a situation during WWII and stood up to the genocide.

But to intentionally lie and cover up the truth for personal gain is a motive which comes into discussion. Lying and using God’s name in the process of protecting non-life situations is something we all need to be careful when treading water.

As believers, Jesus instructed us “to be shrewd as snakes but as harmless as doves” in our adventures through life. We are to reflect the glory of God in our dealings with one another. Yet we also must realize we live in a fallen world were Satan and his army deliberately spread lies and encourages lies between people. We need to discern the truth from the lies and weigh the situation for our response.

In most cases, we will smile and accept the situation as non-threatening and be polite. In other times, we may speak up and question the matter more in depth to arrive at the truth of the matter. Either way, when we walk with the Spirit, built on the Word of God, we will follow HIS lead and accordingly respond with love and courage.

We have all lied. Only God knows the real cost or value of those lies. HE will judge us.

HE will discipline us when needed, and HE will encourage us when needed. But meanwhile, be careful with all the news, gossip, opinions, stories, and narratives you hear being told. Seek out the truth and don’t jump to conclusions until you have acquired as much evidence and facts to truly understand the matter. Until then, realize we live in a lying world, but God has given us the truth to live out life within HIS domain today. So always lean on HIM and let HIM lead you into all the truth.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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Deceitful Lovers

“I called to my lovers, but they deceived me;” Lamentations 1:19 ESV.


We typically recognize them after the facts. In the beginning, we are infatuated, memorized, and blinded. However, if fortunate enough to break off the relationship before severe harm is perpetuated, we can look back to realize the deceitfulness of the affair and hopefully grow more mature from the experience. We have all witnessed lives destroyed by the false illusion of deceitful lovers.

For some people the lover is money. For others power, drugs, sex, pleasure, or food. Some people become involved with others who claim to love them but use them for their manipulative purpose. Over time, no matter the means, real love is distorted; the heart becomes severely wounded; and the beauty of life disappears. To find someone who truly loves you as you love them becomes a child book fantasy. You may eventually ask, “Is there anyone in this world made for me?” “How many more wounds to the heart must I take before true love is discovered?”

For most of us in search of real love, we look in all the wrong places. We have Hollywood fantasy in our minds. Or erotic fiction as our guide. Or an educational system which has polluted reality by removing the Source of all-reality. When truth of the matter is distorted, we fail to capture the best solution to the problem. Instead, we major in the minors thinking this may be the best there is.

It takes time to learn what is truly important. It takes time to mature. It also takes time and experience to truly recognize a good thing from a deceitful one. One way to speed up the process is to learn from those who have gone before us. Those who have no hidden agenda, but a shared life of love, passion, and adventure.

That is one reason to read and study the Christian Bible. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to the human experience. The primary difference between someone living 2,000 years ago and today is technology and fashion. Otherwise, the desires, hopes, and challenges are the same.

As one studies the Book, one is introduced to the Author of Life. One quickly discovers His desire for an intimate relationship with you. By committing oneself to Him, one discovers the Source of real love, truth, and justice. Through His Words and contagious Spirit, one also learns to live, flourish, and prosper without harming others in the process. Through this abiding relationship, one comes to easily recognize lies, phony lovers, and make believe fantasies. As you listen and grow together, He leads you to people who will truly love you as you love them.

Yes fairy tales do come true when one is walking with the Author of Life who turns visions into reality. So the real question is, “why waste time with deceitful lovers when real Love awaits you?”

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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