Dear Heavenly Dad:

Glorify your name in all that I do. Let not my path be one of ease and comfort, but one of challenge and dependency on you. You are always with me. Help me always be with you. Make you the center of my life. Let nothing come between us. Help me capture your vision, to see your work, to accomplish your will in everything I do.

Help me be a living example of kingdom life in today’s world. Let your kingdom surround me and surround all the people we meet today. Let your glory shine through me and in me so that every person we meet today knows they have met you. Amen.

word 14

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34


                        ”Play it safe.” “Don’t take any risks.” “Why rock the boat?” “It’s better to keep it dull and routine than expressive and unpredictable.” Or does it?

      The older I become the more predictable, dull, and routine this life seeks. What change I am confronted with only creates more work and effort on my part. Basically, my nature has moved towards laziness where I don’t want to make the effort. I would rather live life with contentment, peacefulness, and stability. But is that reality?

      The scriptures teach us that a people without vision will perish. We need a mission to focus our life towards. Now our life’s mission could simply be to avoid all confrontation, to avoid being involved in other people’s lives, to live for ourselves without a care of the world around us. We simple live our life so that when we are gone no one will have missed us. We live as a world unto ourselves. But is that an apprentice of Jesus Christ? Is that what the Kingdom of God is all about?

      Didn’t Jesus forewarn his disciples that He came to bring division among families and people? Didn’t He predict that we would stand before courts and rulers as a witness to Him’? Didn’t He compare our struggles with that of a pregnant woman in labor? Didn’t He threaten the status quo with His mission of preaching, teaching, and healing? Didn’t the apostle Paul write that Christ-followers are turning the world upside down? Didn’t he cause riots in the streets with his message of One God? Didn’t his former religious partners seek to destroy him? Didn’t small armies pursue him with the purpose of killing him? How controversial was he in his time? Yet didn’t he preach a message of peace, contentment, and stability?

            The Kingdom of God is not a tamed vision. It requires total surrender. It requires the death of selfish desires. It is not the path of least resistance. Instead, it’s a journey through battlefields. With the armor of God, we are proactive in our daily walk with Him. We do not know what to expect on any given day. All we know is that He is with us. Today may be a roller coaster of emotions, struggles with the self, darts from the evil one, or attacks from love ones. Through it all though, we have an Advocate who is with us and we rely on. In prayer and through faith we call for assistance. We move forward towards our heavenly call. Our mission is sure. Yes, we may desire the easy way out. But, as a disciple of His we have agreed to take whatever comes our way and handle it with His love. We may have initially desired tame visions, but in the pursuit of the Kingdom of God we take on more than we are capable of handling apart from Him. Yes, I like it dull, routine, and boring. But I gladly take whatever comes my way because it will make me stronger for the Kingdom, stronger for Him, and stronger for my love ones.

              Dr. Mike



Our Gracious Dad,


            Thank you for the privilege of being a disciple of Jesus. Of all the occupations in this world, I can’t think of one that provides the challenges, fulfillment, and rewards than being a committed disciple of our Lord. We have no regrets for making the decision years ago. Our only regret is that others have not yet captured your vision. Help me live a life worthy of discipleship. Help me live a life that glorifies you.


            Again, thank you Jesus for clothing me with your righteousness. Thank you for being my elder Brother, Lord, Savior, and Friend. Thank you for opening the doors to have a relationship with all of you.

            Again, we thank you for you. We ask for your continual blessings in our Lord’s name.   Amen.


“For many are called, but few are chosen.” Mathew 22:14

word 14



Can You Truly Say”There Is No Going Back Now?”

 This is one of those scriptures that always puzzles me.  Jesus states, after His parable on the wedding feast where a man  is thrown  out because he was not properly dressed, that “many are called, but few are chosen.” I have heard many interpretations of this scripture and they all seem feasible. But the one that stands out and grabs me more often relates to personal commitment.

truth 12“Many are called” refers to the millions who have heard the message of the kingdom of God and to have an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Dad. “But few are chosen,” means that not all who are called are allowed to take part in the entire Christian celebration because they are not properly clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. The wedding garment pictures the righteousness that comes outside of our keeping the law which includes any work or activity that we do to make ourselves right before God. When we realize what the entire sacrifice of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection truly means, we humbly accept His authority into our life. Yet to totally surrender your life to Jesus, to trust in His salvation takes faith and a personal commitment to keep moving forward no matter what happens in the process.  Jesus Himself stated that no person who looks back at what he has given up for the kingdom of God is worthy to accept His calling (Luke 9:62).

       My father emigrated from Poland via Germany to the United States after WWII. When he stepped over the boundary of Poland into Germany he left behind all his earthy possessions: his farm and blacksmith business, family, friends, and everything else we as humans cling to in this life. He stepped over the line realizing that he was never going back and that whatever he left behind was not worth what lied before him. He immigrated  into the U.S. and never regretted it. He was more blessed in this country compared to what he gave up. He made the commitment to accept the choice and pay whatever price he had to when he crossed over the line. We likewise made the decision to step over the line; the line that separates God’s Kingdom from earthly powers; the line that separates Christ-centered discipleship from church membership,  the line that separates total surrender from self-gratification. The line has been drawn. We have to make the final decision whether or not we are going to take the step. If we don’t, then we will never become a disciple of His. If we do, we have His promises, His commitment, and His future to secure us. The decision may be initially difficult to make, but when made, it brings a sense of peace and challenge into one’s life. It gives you the peace of Christ which supersedes all understanding (Phil 4:7) and the greatest challenge this life has to offer  – To be a disciple of His.

How committed are we to keep moving forward rather than look back at what we gave up?

Dr. Mike

What Transformation Begins To Happen When You Become a Disciple of His?

When You Become a Disciple of Jesus Christ, You Become a Partner With The Holy Spirit in Making the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom REAL in Your Life.

new life

Your life slowly becomes transformed, your worldview changes, and your heart, mind, and soul begins to serve Lord Jesus ministering to others.

You Begin to…

Live the Spirit-Empowered Life for God’s Glory as His Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness. Faithfulness, and Self-Control Resides in Your Inner Being.

Relate with Jesus Christ as Your Lord, Redeemer, Hero, Teacher, and Friend without the Trappings of Religion.

Walk with a Community of other Believers Sharing God’s Love and Friendship while Building Relationships for Eternity.

Grow in God’s Grace, Knowledge, and Spiritual Maturity while His Spirit Regenerates Your Heart, Mind, and Will into Christ’s Likeness.

Witness the Kingdom of God Come Alive in Your World as God’s Spirit Touches the Lives of People You Know.