Lost. Lost. Lost.

Luke 19:10

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

At one time or another, you will or have found yourself lost. Whether as a child, separated from your parents at the store or as an adult traveling toward a destination and your GPS leads you to an unknown place outside your knowledge base. At that moment the realization hits you that you are lost.

The only one who was never lost was Jesus. When HE started his ministry, HE looked around and began to intentionally focus on others. Even as a twelve-year-old separated from his family during the Feast, his parents searched frantically and couldn’t locate him until they eventually found him safe and secure with the teachers in the synagogue. Jesus’ only reply was HE was going about doing his Father’s business. Jesus wasn’t lost, but his parents were.   

So, who is lost today?

When you look around, you begin to notice how more and more people seem to live with a fearful purpose. Their head is in the clouds and their feet move in the opposite direction from their mouth. They have lost their way.

The worst part though is they don’t realize it. They move with great speed and determination but have no clue where they are going. Or they just woke up from a spiritual stupor and don’t realize whose bed they are laying on. They keep looking for love and companionship in the wrong places. But most often, many are suffering from spiritual dementia and don’t know where their heavenly home is located nor recognize their heaven-bound siblings.

When Jesus preached about the lost, he included you, me, and everyone else in that equation. He demonstrated with parables that:

You are lost because you don’t know where is your true, permanent home.

You are lost because you don’t know where you are going after this life.

You are lost because you don’t even know where you are at in God’s plan.

HIS life revolved around fulfilling the mission given to him by our Heavenly Father – to save the lost.

HE did.

You and I have a home with Him, His Father, and Holy Spirit. Since the foundation of the world, the Triune God planned to birth a family (Eph.1:4-5). You and I are included.

Through HIS life, death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven, HE has opened the door for you and I to know HIM, walk with HIM, and learn from HIM in preparation for our eternal role.

Because of HIM, we are no longer lost. We know our home, we know our destination, and we know where we are today. Life aligns up with HIM for now and forever more.

Once we were lost; but today we have been found – in HIM. And so are you!

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10 ESV

 lost 2

Ever suffer from an identity crisis?

I think everyone does somewhere and someplace in their life. For humanity is wired to easily gravitate toward those situations and circumstances that feed the soul. When the soul is hungry and has difficulty discerning the good from the bad, it sometimes jumps unwisely into a frying pan that is softly simmering at the time. By the time the situation deepens, the frying pan is hot and getting out is more difficult than before. Sometimes it may even be too late.

Most people don’t realize they are lost until they are found. The comic who shares the joke of the father reassuring their family while driving the auto that everything is well and that they are making good time is like most of us. We are making great time but not sure where our destination is. We can’t admit we are lost. Pride gets in the way.

Generally speaking, we simply identify ourselves with what is most important in our life. We typically confuse the roles we play with our identify. And when the role ends, we go into crisis mode because our identity is taken away from us.

We see this when a person places their identity in their work. When they retire, they find themselves depressed and confused. When the children leave the nest, a mother seems lost not knowing what to do with her time. A mate places their identity with their partner and experiences a crisis when the relationship ends. When a person is identified with a winning sports team and then the career ends, what are they to do? Our identify is inappropriately placed in shifting roles which change over time.

As a believer, we are blessed to have our identity found in Christ. Our home is in Christ. In fact, when Christ died and arose again, he redeemed all humanity. He restored the relationship that was broken by Adam & Eve. Instead of wondering through the desert seeking refuge in temporary dwellings, he became our cornerstone. In baptism, we identify with him in his death, burial, and resurrection. In the breaking of bread and drinking of wine (communion), we identify with him. In the Body of Christ, we are his hands and feet, he is the head. In the age to come, he will share his throne with us. As believers, we are his royal, priestly children. Nothing will ever separate us from him.

So when you see someone that looks lost, pray for them. Pray that the Holy Spirit may lead them home. Home is wherever Jesus resides. Today Jesus resides in us via the Holy Spirit. He also resides in heaven where our reward and treasure awaits us.

We are most thankful that he came to restore and reconcile humanity with God. To give us a taste of what home looks like when we live within his domain. I’m not lost; but found. Found by Jesus who wants everyone to experience the real blessings found within the family of God. How about you? Are you still looking to return home or have you been found?

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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& Resource Center, Inc
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