Real Love And Real Truth

1 John 3:18
Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.ESV.


Love without Truth is not real love; and Truth without Love is not real truth. For Love and Truth is based on Reality. And Reality without God is a fantasy. For God is the author of Love and Truth.

Love and Truth are not a human creation. Humanity discovers Love and Truth in the world around them and through people. For Love and Truth are the backbone of God’s character. His divine nature exemplifies Love and Truth throughout His creation. When Reality is confirmed, truth is revealed.

Truth is not the perception of an individual nor the feelings of a group of people, but  the repeated outcome of history. Likewise Love is not just an act or feeling, but the servitude attitude of heart toward another person for their success and well-being turned into action.

When one comes to know God, then one also comes to know real Love and Truth. Truth with a capital “T” is a person known today as Jesus Christ. Truth with a small ‘t” are the divine values and principles built upon the Triune God’s character and displayed throughout the creation of the world.

If one wants to know what real Love and Truth is like, then one needs to do business with the Creator of Love and Truth. As a mutual relationship is built between you and HIM, you will come to know HIM better and better each day. You will then come to better discern between real Love and Real Truth because you will have come to know the author of Love and Truth.

Don’t be fooled by the artificial love and faddish truth expounded by this world’s humanistic systems. Instead study the Word of God as revealed in the Bible and come to know HIM who is Love and Truth.

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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Love Has No Agenda

“It(love) does not insist on its own way” I Corinthians 13:5 ESV


Love is one of those words that has become cheaper through cultural opinion. Ask for a definition, and you will probably receive a multitude of answers. In today’s culture, it means different things for different folks.

For teenagers, it is the emotional tie that binds two people together until the feeling goes away. For newlyweds, it is the blindness that denies the imperfections of the other. For highly testosterone husbands, it is the words for a sexual encounter. For manipulative wives, it is the means to get what they may want.

Yet Paul writes that love is not something we get, but give.

Jesus gives us the perfect example of what love means in a very practical everyday way. To sacrifice the self for the sake of the other is love demonstrated. It is giving the self for the sake of others. It is not giving so others may agree with you. It is not giving so others do something for you. It is not giving so you may benefit from it at all. In fact, it may hurt to give. It may cost you your job. It may cost you a relationship. It may cost you your life.

Your response simply measures the love you have to give. It is what Jesus did for us. He set the example. He chose to empty his eternal habitat so he could walk among us. He gave himself as a sacrifice, so we can enter his eternal home.

We can either love accordingly or deny what it truly means from his context. So the next time you let someone know you love them, are you truly willing to sacrifice your time, money, and life for them without any expectations in return? Whatever your response, you now know what God knows about us. And even knowing this, He still unconditionally loves you and me.

He loves us whether or not we choose to follow him. Yes he wants us to respond to him in a favorable way. Yet if we do not, he still loves us. We may suffer the consequences of our rebellious attitude. Yet our response doesn’t stop Him from loving us. We may suffer from our stupidity. But He remains steadfast in His love for us. Isn’t that the Christ-like love we need to display?

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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“For people of the kingdom, participants in the Triune fellowship, love and love alone is the bottom line. This is the only thing that gives value to anything we believe, say, or do. This is the reason the world exists. Whatever music we play, sermons we preach, churches we build, people we impress, powers we display, stances we take, doctrines we teach, things we achieve – if believers are not growing in their motivation and ability to ascribe unsurpassable worth to people who have no apparent worth, we are just wasting time. We are not making true disciples.”

– Gregory Boyd, Repenting of Religion: Turning from Judgment to the Love of God.