Why Do YOU Read the Bible?

They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?” Luke 24:32 ESV

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Why do YOU read the Scriptures?

To acquire knowledge…insight…wisdom.
To prepare a message for others.
To better understand yourself.
To discover what God is like.
To learn God’s Will.
To improve your walk with God.
To better relate with God.
To figure out your purpose in life.
To act more with integrity.
To receive blessings from God.
To equip yourself with spiritual know-how.
To practice spiritual disciplines.
To worship God more effectively.
To recognize truth more accurately.
To understand God’s mind.
To listen for God’s word.
To seek God’s plan for you.
To evaluate life’s situations from God’s perspective.
To discern good from evil.
To improve making choices.
To live life more fully.
To grow in the faith.
To experience more joy.
To understand God’s position on a matter.
To learn from history.
To better serve others.
To have a better marriage.
To rear productive, responsible children.
To enjoy God’s grace.
To become a better husband/wife.
To excel in business.
To better serve others.
To make money without being its slave.
To build more wealth for the sake of others.
To share life more effectively with others.
To communicate God’s plan of redemption more accurately.
To identify God’s work in people’s life.
To know God more intimately.

Whatever your reason, most likely depends on the season of your life. No matter your reason, it is always good to read, learn, integrate, and grow in Christ. The more you read the Bible, the more you discover about God, yourself, and the people around you. The more you discover, the more your relationship with God, yourself, and the people around you improve. The more these relationships improve, the more love, joy, and peace abounds in you, with you, and through you. Yes, God becomes more alive in you. You become more at peace with yourself and those around you. A win-win-win for everyone involved. So no matter what the reason, I’m glad you do!

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

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The Book That Understands You

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.” Psalm 119:130 ESV

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Ever read a book that you couldn’t put down because it was like the author wrote it knowing everything there is about you? She knew what excited you. She took you from an emotional high to a painful low. She knew what got your goat. She knew how you thought. She knew what you would do next and deliberately turned the next chapter against your perceived ideas. Everything about you that you haven’t shared with another soul was being drawn out of you through the pages of the story.

Now some people may shy away from such a novel. Others would want to read the sequel and couldn’t wait until the story became a movie. Such a book would probably be a number one seller for years.

Some people may not be aware of it, but the Christian Bible has been a number one best seller each year it has been in print. It is a book that truly understands you and me. It has violence, sex, power, political intrigue, suspense, surprise outcomes, and other unbelievable results. It showcases romance, rags-to-riches stories, and the difference one person makes in the lives of others. It captures human nature at its finest and worst. It explains how you are wired and what can be done to transform it. It is a story with more plots than a graveyard.

You want to know why you behave the way you do? Read the book.
You want to better understand why others are the way they are? Read the book.
You want wisdom in dealing with the people in your world? Read the book.
You want your life to have greater adventure and excitement like the movies you enjoy? Read the book.
You want to develop a relationship with someone who understands you better than anyone else? Read the book.

As you read the book you discover more about its invisible Author. You come to know the people who He associates with; the people who are drawn to him. As you read the book, you begin to better understand yourself, your motives, and your potential. You learn better ways to relate with others. You become more like the heroes written in the book. You understand their pain and joy because you share in the same venues.

The more you read, the more you begin to realize that the book truly understands you better than anything you ever read before. Then you begin to realize it is so because its prime Author created you and wants to have an ongoing, long term, intimate relationship with you. It begins when you read the book!

Rooting For You in Christ!

Dr. Mike

Executive Chair, Consultant, Encourager
Marketplace Bible Institute
& Resource Center, Inc
Author of e-Books:
* Great Business Emulates a Good God
* Be Radical…Follow Christ!
* Simply The Messenger
* Unequally Married