Keep On Keeping On

tiredSpeed is a relative term.  What may be fast for you may be slow for me. and what may be fast for me may he slow for you.  If we were all running in the one hundred yard summer Olympics race, we would all be measured under the same conditions.  There would only be one first place winner who would be considered the fastest person and everyone else would be slower in comparison.  Thank God that our Kingdom race doesn’t have only one winner.  For all who participate, receives the prize.  And the prize is not awarded to the person who gets there first, but the one who endures to the end.  So that everyone who enters the race is already a winner.

When I use to take my early morning six-mile walk around the public lake there were people who would jog, run, roller blade, bicycle, stroll. etc.  There were many times when these same people circled the lake two and three times while I would only complete one time around.  But we all finished.  The key is to just keep moving.  Find a steady pace that is acceptable to you and just keep moving.  You know when you are slowing down.  When you walk, the spring in your feet may be missing, the legs may feel tired, or the rhythm of your breathing may be erratic.  But when you become aware of it, you may do a little dance, stretch the legs, or do some deep breathing exercises, but you keep on moving.  Likewise. when we are spiritually slowing down, when the carnal self is taking charge of the situation; when we are not surrendering our will to God, when serving others becomes a chore, then we need to realize something is wrong with our relationship with God.  It’s then when we need to realize our communion with God has slowed down.  The spiritual disciplines have been reduced from a practical experience to a mental exercise.  We’ve slowed down our pace by not spending more time with God but by allocating less time with Him.  A dangerous position when you are a disciple of His.  Therefore, what shall we do?

We return back and emphasize the basic Christian disciplines: prayer, Bible study, fast, worship service, simplify, and celebrate. Not for the sake of exercise, but for the intense purpose of strengthening our relationship.  We pick up the speed again.  Our pace may be slow in comparison with some of our brothers and sisters, but then it may be fast for some of our other brothers/sisters; either way, it’s the speed we are comfortable to move at to maintain a deep relationship with our Heavenly Dad.  What speed are you moving at as a disciple of His?



Almighty Dad, thank you for calling us out of this world and allowing us to participate in the greatest race of a lifetime. We thank you for bringing people into our life to teach us the disciplines that allow us to keep focused on you.  Help us to keep in the race, not to detour or to quit, but to endure to the very end.  Let the speed that we move be at a rate that we can handle and not burnout.  Let our walk with you he steady and refreshing.  Let it always lift up you and me.  Let it always revive the soul and energize the spirit. Let it always change our heart to become more like yours.  Let everything we do, say, think, and breathe be done in your glory and honor. Our success is your success.  Your success is our success. Help us to be successful in your eyes. Again, thank you Jesus for intervening each and every day in every prayer in every way.  Amen.

Dr. Mike

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