What Shape Is Your Lawn In?

It Takes Diligence to Have a Green Lawn


How does your lawn look? If you live in the rural country, it’s a moot question. However, if you live in the suburbs of America, than you know what I mean. Your neighbors keep you in line regarding the condition of your lawn. They don’t want the value of their real estate to become jeopardized because of an unkempt neighbor’s lawn. So, whenever your lawn doesn’t measure up to “their” standards, you feel the internal pressure to measure up. Again, this is ridiculous if you live out in the country, but in the city you have to meet the competition and do battle everyday with your lawn or else you will be defeated.

After living in our house for about five years, I decided to discharge our lawn spray service and fertilize the lawn myself. We weren’t happy with the results and decided to save ourselves some money in the process. Little did I know what we were asking for. The first year was no problem, I applied applications three times that year and thought that this was easy and I should have discharged the service earlier than I did. The second year though brought out the enemy in masses. I never saw so many weeds in my life in the same acreage. My lawn went from 90% grass to 90% weeds over night. (or though it seems). I was stunned. Someone must have sneaked over during when we were out of town and planted them? How could this be? Wasn’t fertilizing on a regular basis? What are we doing wrong? What did we have to change? This was serious. After seeking counsel from those who were wiser than me on this subject (those neighbors whose lawns belong on the cover of homes and gardens magazines), I implemented a three front immediate attack.

First, we covered the lawn with weed and feed application. Next, we sprayed each individual weed with chemical elimination. Then, we went and hunted each weed pulling it out by its root. After which, we covered the lawn with another application of weed and feed. Then we rested. One month later we started the process over again. This time though there were substantially less weeds to defeat. Afterward, we rested again. The next month we found way less weeds to contend with but followed the same process over again. We are happy to report that our weed episode is over but not yet complete. As long as we maintain a regular, scheduled lawn maintenance program, not letting up, but diligently applying the process above, we don ‘t have to worry about being overtaken by those lawn enemies, the weeds.

And isn’t this true of the spiritual weeds in our life? When we let up on spiritual disciplines in our life, are we not more easily overtaken by the sins and cares of this world? But when we are diligent and maintain an active walk with our Lord, the weeds are few and more manageable. By exercising, celebrating, and maintaining the spiritual disciplines of life, we find ourselves on the grassier side of the lawn. And isn’t that a more pleasant experience than rolling in the weeds?



Dear Lord, thank you for the weeds in our life. We know they help strengthen our walk with you. They make us come to you for help as you transform this lowly servant into your image. Help us to walk with you as you work with us to manage the weeds in our life.  Amen.

Dr. Mike

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