The Spirit Is Always Moving

be still 9Like many children, I had great dissatisfaction for standing still in my youth. I had to be doing something all the time.  Today though, I have found it much easier to stop whatever we are doing and smell the roses. But even today, when we see injustice, pain, misery, sorrow, and the effects of sin in people’s lives, we cannot be still.  A strong internal drive from within the heart wants to reach out, hug them, let them know that God cares, and wants to help them.  An internal force from within our inner being wants to reach out at times and lay hands on those who ignorantly plan and execute evil unto others.  The Spirit of God cry’s out and can’t keep silent!
To be still and not do anything seems easier as we age. Maybe it’s possible because we become tired of exerting energy that disappears as we grow older. Or we convince ourselves that we have done enough already and let the next person do their share. Maybe we don’t want to get involved because it takes time away from our everyday routines. We would rather keep things as they arc than change them and we think by being still nothing will change. How lazy and self­ centered we can become over time.
Today I’ve come to see that “to be still” really means to be dead. It’s the person born in 1972, graduates from high school in 1990, dies in 1999 and is not buried until 2050. Physically he may still be around, but inside of him he died years ago.
To be still means to run away from our problems. To be still means not to accept personal responsibilities for our brother’s condition. To be still means not discovering God’s creation. To be still means having no intimate relationship. To be still means not enjoying life’s good things.  To be still is not the life of a disciple of His. His disciples always keep moving; even when they are still. She may be still, but exercising faith like Moses standing before the Red Sea with the Egyptian Army behind him. ”The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still (Ex 14.14 N IV).” Or he may be still while praying and asking God to intervene on someone’s specific situation. Then again, she may be still and in communion with her Maker discovering His Presence at the moment. The point is that a disciple of His may look still on the outside but in the inside the Holy Spirit is leading him to response accordingly. It is very difficult to be still when God’s Spirit resides in you!  How do you response to the nudging of the Holy Spirit in your life?



Our Heavenly Dad, oh how our heart hurts with the injustice, pain, and sorrow that we see people inflict on others. Some of it intentionally, most of it out of ignorance. Either way, help us to pray for those who are being persecuted. To ask you to intervene in their lives that hurt, to lead them to you.

Our soul is restless for you. Our soul hungers for you. We cannot sit still until your Words and Holy Spirit has made their mark in the life of those who are hurting. Help us to be your witness. Help us be your servant. Help us to reach out and touch those who you know need help today. Let nothing prevent us from sharing your Word with others. Oh Holy Spirit, fill us with your fruit. Let it overflow and touch the lives of those around us. Let us not live a life of seclusion, but a life of service. Let us not be still, but alive in you. Let your richness overflow and make others rich. Lead us always unto your paths.  Thank you Creator Dad, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit.


Dr. Mike


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