Which Do You Choose to Follow: Jesus or Capitalism?

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How much is enough? How much is too much? How much is not enough?  One of the strongest inner struggles we (those of us living in America) have to deal with is living in this rich country while our brothers and sisters of less developed nations are dealing with starvation, homelessness, and national strife. Yes, we live in America; where six percent of the world’s population indulge themselves with almost 40 percent of the world’s resources. Yes, we live in America; where the favorite past time is not service activities, cultural events, or family togetherness, but shopping. Not for necessity per say, but only to maintain the latest fashion, or that extra electronic device that has come out and everyone owns it except us. We are a nation with so much wealth that the majority of us have taken it for granted and have forgotten the less fortunate. Our world is a commercial Disney Land. We spend on ourselves to gratify ourselves. We indulge ourselves and accept it as normal behavior. We seek out different ways to entertain ourselves because what we did yesterday is no longer fulfilling. We may not say it but our actions speak louder than words. Money is the answer to all our problems. We believe that if only we had more, than all our problems would be gone. If only we had more, than we would be truly happy. If only we had more, than we would be contented. Oh how foolish we have become?

Wealth is great as long as you are its master and not its servant.  Many of us would like to believe we are masters of our wealth. But are we? If you truly want to know whether you are a master of your wealth, ask yourself, “Could I give it all away unconditionally and live accordingly?  Would you be at peace with yourself without the large house, ·without a  car; no economic friends, no restaurant meals, no theater. no movies, nor annual vacations? Whatever it is that you “enjoy doing” that takes money but now you no longer choose to do it, could you survive peacefully? We are not talking for a few days, months, or even years, but for the rest of your life? The sad fact is many of us being honest  with ourselves would find it very difficult.

The rich, young man during Christ’s time asked Him what is it hemust do to have eternal life. He kept all the commandments from his youth. He probably even gave some of his wealth to those less fortunate. What did Christ reply to him but to give all his wealth away and come follow Him. Was Christ  against  people being wealthy? No. Was Christ statement a direct message to us that we should sell all we have and follow Him? No. But, the message is clear that we need to disown all our wealth from our inner self and surrender it to Jesus. We need to follow Jesus first. Our Master is to be God, not wealth. Our actions and behavior must agree with our priority.

Prosperity for prosperity sake is a waste of time, energy, and resources. To accumulate or buy without self-restraint is the behavior of a spoiled child. We as caring parents do not want our children to grow up being spoiled brats. Neither does our heavenly Dad. King Solomon lived a life that only a few could relate to until now in America. Today, the majority of us in this country live like “little king Solomon’s.” We have the means and capital to pursue our hearts desire. We pursue higher education. We pursue real estate holdings and business ventures. We pursue hobbies and entertainment. We pursue the other sex. We pursue, pursue, and pursue in search of meaning to life. We search everywhere but to the original Source. For the majority of us, God is an illusionary figure that may exist. And because He may exist, we live our life with one foot walking with Him and the other foot walking in a capitalistic religion. Some of us even feel that capitalism is Christianity and have difficulty separating the two. For those who may have forgotten their basic economics, Capitalism is built on man’s inner selfish desire of greed and money; Christianity is built on service and Jesus. Both of them are a faith belief system. Both of them are in conflict with priorities. You cannot serve both of them. Again, you cannot serve God and Mammon. Only one can be your master.

As a disciple of His, He has shown us that real fulfillment is not found in material prosperity. But that real, meaningful fulfillment is found living a spirit filled life in Christ for the glory of God. Everything that prosperity promises is only temporary pleasure. After you have satisfied one lust or desire, another one is waiting. And they will continue to come until you have no more control over it. The way to remove that desire is to surrender your will to the real Jesus. He is the one who is alive and living in His Church today. When we surrendered our will to Him, He gave us eyes to see and ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is developing within His Body, the Church. He opened our heart to His presence and His fruit that abides forever. He gives Gifts that money or prosperity cannot purchase. He generously shares Himself to those who surrender their will in obedience to that original Source of everything: our Heavenly Dad.



Our Supremely Wealthy Dad, all Power, Wealth, and Success are yours! Glory and Honor and Magnificence are yours! Everything that our heart desires is yours!

We thank you that you own everything and manage everything in your supreme wisdom. Thank you for freeing us from the power of sin and giving us freedom in your Spirit.

Help us to live our freedom in you without the chains of capitalism around us. Help us to focus our service in giving and sharing your values, wisdom, and life with others without profit or reward. Let your riches overflow in our life abundantly. Let us be a blessing to others as you are a blessing to us. Create in us a heart of generosity, philanthropy, and altruism. Help us to share all that you have given us with others. Make us your outlet of giving. Bless those who use us with a blessing of time and service. Let your greatness abound in their lives as it does in ours. Let your glory shine in use, through us, and around us. Let your glory always abound. Amen.

Your Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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