Pre-eminence Belongs To The King


Do you recall in the early grades when you competed with other students in speed-reading?  You and they would probably take turns being the first one to read any material and then recall the contents for the teacher.  Was our motivation to read with speed and comprehension or simply to be first?  Later in life when you were playing sports, was it to be the best you could be or to be the best among your peers?  Likewise in college while wasting time in the student activity center playing cards with your peers, was it to win all the time, or just to be better than your peers?  Did you walk away with a trophy or two back then, but if you were honest with your motivation was it to be the best player or the internal drive to be better than your peers?

Throughout life, those of us with a competitive or achievement spirit tend to have a strong motivation to be number one among our peers. When we sold, who had to he # 1 at the end of the year in sales? When we did whatever, can we admit our motivation was to be the best in comparison with our peers, no matter what the price?.  If you are like many of us, we have a strong internal drive that we can’t control but had to be satisfied. It would drive us in whatever we did.  It wasn’t until we totally surrendered our life to God that this motivation dissipated and eventually disappeared.

In scripture, we read how Satan wasn’t content in being a servant of God, but wanted to be in charge of God’s Kingdom. He persuaded one-third of the angles to work with him to overthrow God from His throne. But instead of victory, he learned that God is in control and no one is going to remove Him from His Office. Likewise, we have come to learn who is Number One in our life.

There is a great sense of peace and contentment knowing that you don’t have to be better than anyone else. That God wants you to be the best you can be. That we are all created differently but distinctly in the image of God with the purpose to live for all eternity working with Him in whatever is best suited for us.  In fact, nowadays instead of seeking pre-eminence, we find ourselves serving others with more joy than ever before.  Instead of trying to become number one, we work at helping others to excel.  Instead of seeking the glory for self, we let it shine upon others.

As a disciple of His, we find it easier to put the pre-eminence where it belongs and that is on Jesus.  Instead of crawling over one another and competing against one another, we find it easier to place Jesus central and learn to serve Him and those He chooses to send our way.



Our Glorified Dad, thank you for being number one in our life.  There is a great sense of peace and comfort knowing that no matter what we do or accomplish you will always be the Best in our book.  Help us to see others through your eyes. Help us to serve others through your eyes.  Help us to build up others especially those you have placed into the church.

Thank you for the assurance and faith to live this life as your child and pupil. Thank you for your tutoring and thank you for the privilege of serving others.  Help us channel the energy you give us to serving others and revealing you as first in life.  Whenever the opportunity comes, help us to always place you first in the eyes of others and keep this servant in humble submission to your Kingdom.  Amen.

Your Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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