Where Is Our Popularity Found?

popularity 1

How thankful are we (speaking about the majority of us) that our calling is not to be a politician? Imagine the challenges we take on to make decisions based on the popular vote of the people rather than our conscious.  How would that eat at your soul?

When we watch our young people battle their peers when it comes to making decisions, doesn’t it remind us of ourselves? How often would we come home and say, “But mom, everyone is doing it?” Or, “But mom, they can’t all be wrong.” How many times in our life was the battle comparing us with them? Us with they? or us with everyone else? Now they, them, and everyone didn’t have a specific name most of the time. They were just people who you would read about. Or they were associates who you wanted as friends and needed to perform in a proper manner (their manner) to be acceptable.

Is it not amazing that most of us discharge the “they” argument and throw popularity opinions in the garbage as we mature? At least we become more self-confident in our decisions and acceptable of ourselves as a person. This probably is more so when we become a disciple of His. When we accept Jesus as our Lord, Savior, and Friend, don’t we accept His “opinion” and outlook to what “is popular” and His commandments and principles? He becomes the standard. He becomes our Friend. He sets the stage for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

We now don’t have to take opinion polls, read the latest fashion magazines, or catch the latest commercial fad. We simple look in the Bible and pray for guidance. In doing so, we become more acceptable of others, and more tolerant of ourselves.  We don’t seek the popular answer; we seek the best answer for all. We look for a win-win answer. If we have difficulty in arriving at a decision, we approach the Throne of Wisdom and ask for assistance. We place character and morals ahead of expediency and popularity. We are at peace with ourselves and with our neighbors.  We are disciples of His and He is our popular vote. We live our life accordingly.

 Our Prayer


Our #One Dad, thank you for calling us out of this world and revealing you to us. Thank you for sending us Jesus who you gave great favor and blessings while He resided on this planet. It is you who deserves all popularity.  It is you who deserves all fame. It is you who deserves all recognition.

Help us to live abundantly in the Body of Christ.Let your church exemplify your life of love,joy,and peace. Let the Spirit of Jesus be worshiped and honored and magnified throughout the churches, homes, and workplaces of your saints. Install a great desire in each of us to make you and your ways the popular lifestyle of the youth and parents every where.  Help us to magnify you and your life in everything we do.Amen.

Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God
Website: EnjoyLifeInChrist.com


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