Does Being Wrong Ever Produce Better Fruit?


wrong 2

Which is more important? Being right or keeping the peace? Which is more important? Being right or allowing love to have its way? Which is more important? Being right or experiencing supernatural joy?

How did you answer?  When these questions first are introduced to us, don’t we jump to the “right answer” or simply stumbled with a reply? Being brought up in a ”religious culture”, aren’twe trained to first seek righteousness which translates for the most of us to mean “being right in doctrine” (as we see the answer to be). To be right in rituals (again, as interpreted by us). Or to be right in defining God (our view of course is always correct). Isn’t it until the above questions slap our spiritual face that we have a rude awakening. Don’t you find as we mature in the faith that “being right” isn’t that important anymore.

With hindsight being one of the great teachers in our life, can we be honest with ourselves and see how God has allowed us to be wrong many, many, many times, yet He rarely immediately corrected us with “the answer.” Instead. He allows us to experience His peace, love, or joy first. His righteousness is far superior than any legalistic system we can every devise. His righteousness takes into consideration the entire internal spiritual dimension while we only focus on the exterior behavior. His ways are far superior then anything we have come up with in our man-made systems.

As a disciple of His, we want to learn how He relates with people and then emulate it. We want to learn how He works with people, and make it our method of operation. We want to learn how He loves people and love the same way. He is our standard. He is our model. He is our hero. His way is the way we want to walk in. “Being Right” isn’t always the correct answer. In fact, we don’t have to be right in all things anymore, only in the important one, Jesus.



Our Righteous, Loving Dad, thank you for loving us even in our ignorance. Thank you for loving us even when we suffer “brain damage.” Thank you for loving us even when we are wrong. Help us to love like you. Help us to love; to love; to love … So Be It.

Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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