Isn’t It Great Being Last?

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Ever wonder whether competitiveness is a godly trait or a humanly one?  Ever find yourself driving in the right lane of the freeway, cruising a good five miles over the speed limit, and then you begin to notice all the drivers passing you in the left lane? It seems that no matter the age, sex, religious preference, each driver is clenching the steering wheel with both hands while their faces are pinched in sheer determination to reach their destination in record time or die trying. Here  you are  relaxed, enjoying the countryside (with enough space in front and behind you to drive defensively), thinking about the scripture you recently read where Jesus stated, .The first shall be last, and the last shall be first”. If you ever have, you probably also broke out chuckling because you are “living the scripture” while driving. Let us “explain”.

First, have you ever notice on the freeway that cars seem to gather in clusters? There is always someone first and last in every cluster. If we had a helicopter view, we would also notice that spread over a five mile route there would be a first cluster at the beginning, and a last cluster at the end, with many clusters in between. Your observation that may cause you to chuckle is this: the first driver of the last cluster (who may have worked hard to become the first driver by speeding and weaving between lanes) will eventually catch up with the next group. At that time he will become the last driver of that first cluster. Likewise, the car traveling last in the first cluster will eventually fall behind where it will become the lead car in the cluster behind it. THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST, AND THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST.

What does all this mean with us not having to be first anymore? Simply, it doesn’t matter anymore. It is not important. We don’t have to be first anymore because we are secure in Jesus. Jesus is the First and the Last. We will gladly accept wherever is in between. If you want to get in front of us, go right ahead. If you want to get behind us, go right ahead. Our place is secure with Him.



Our Great Dad, thank you for making us first in your life with and in and through Jesus. Everything that we have, hold, prefer, and desire is found in Him. We know that we are first with you. Even when we are last with you, it is better than first in anything else. For you always keep us as the apple of your eye. Thank you for sharing time with us. Thank you for creating it and sustaining it.  Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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