The Top Is Already Taken

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Is there a difference between striving to be the best you can be versus striving to be the best of the best?

We all probably remember playing king of the hill in our youth. If you were like many of us, you had your few moments where you were on top of the hill only to be displaced by someone larger and stronger than yourself. Isn’t there always someone bigger, stronger, and meaner than the next person?  Remember those days in college when we would receive the highest grade on a test. Did that mean we were the smartest person of the class? Most likely not, only for that test we knew the answers better than our fellow students.  Remember some of our friends who put so much pressure on themselves to achieve the highest grade in the class that they would literally become sick in the process? Is that worth the price to being the top of the class?

Since becoming a disciple of His, we have received a peace that has removed the inner drive of wanting to be tops in anything. Our top is now Jesus. He receives the pre-eminence. He is the best in our book. He sets the standard for personal achievement.

Advertisers know that communicating a position of a product plants that image into our minds. Whether something is ranked number one, two, or three, we store that information in our commercial minds. Usually we can remember who is tops in any product, contest, or event. Rarely do we recall anyone who comes in second or thereafter. Therefore, the competitive spirit enters us to seek that first position.  If it is important for you to be the top of your field, are you going to pay the price? You will sacrifice everything you have: maybe your health, your family life, your social life, your career, your whatever, just so you can finish on top. We admire people who sacrifice to achieve the end result. But do we admire people who sacrifice everything and do not finish at the top? Do we admire people whose sacrifice ruins the lives of people who are close to them?  Do we admire people whose sacrifice causes pain and heartache for many others so that one person can achieve their personal ambitions?

Is the price we pay to be on top worth the sacrifice?  Or is it just as worthwhile to be the best you can be without causing other love ones to suffer in the process?



Dear God and Lord Jesus, your ways are the best and the most fulfilling. You set the standard and the example of successful living. We want to live life like you did while walking on this planet. Help us to discover our talents and gifts and use them for your glory. But protect those you have surrounded us with by making them more important than any goal. objective, or ambition that we pursue.  Always be tops in our book. Don’t let us be disappointed by your plans with us. Help us walk with you. Let our desires and dreams be built around you. Always be the cornerstone of our life. Help us walk the balanced life with you.  Amen.

Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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