Let’s Praise the Creator, Not the Created

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                   What feeds our internal motivational drive? Is it the comments,feedback, or applause from others? Is it the acknowledgement from our parents or other family members? Is it the acceptance of our working peers, next door neighbors, or community sponsors?

One of the hardest lessons we have to learn from life is to separate our value as a person from our economic value. Typically, it isn’t until our mid-30s that we come to understand that our worth as a person is not measured by personal achievements or people’s applause. Yes, our economic value is proportionally measured by how well we accomplished goals and objectives that fiscally benefited others. However, our value as a person is separate from our value as a capitalist. To paraphrase Jesus, one’s life is not measured by the abundance of one’s possessions. It is more than that. Yes, one needs physical comforts. But. real life is measure by the abundance of God’s spirit living in us and through us. Real life is a channel of love, joy, peace, goodness, self-control, faithfulness and everything else that defines God. We as a people want the physical benefits from God without the internal character of God. We take shortcuts in life so we can enjoy eating the apple pie without having to take the time to prepare and make it with real, natural ingredients.

As a disciple of His our praise goes to Him and our satisfaction is receiving feedback from Him. Specifically, that we are a faithful servant. We now know that every innate ability, every opportunity to excel, every skill developed, every challenge conquered, every goal achieved, every creative plan presented, every source of financial or human resource obtained, everything comes about only because He ultimately provides it; and allows us to use it. This is His grace showered upon us.  Therefore, every praise or glory now goes to the Creator and not the Created. Today, every time praises are directed in our direction, we gladly point to Him; to our Dad, our Lord, and our Comforter. It is He who deserve all the praises and glory. We are only doing what a servant is required to do. Our master is the brains, the power, and the wealth behind our success. We now know it and acknowledge it.

The praises belong to God. They don’t motivate us any longer.  Instead, we find them to be a deterrent in our walk with Jesus. They take our focus away from Jesus and place them back on us. We would rather keep our focus on Jesus. You can call it escapism. But escapism with Jesus is the best place we have found in this life. Praise Lord Jesus!




Our Creator Dad, everything is yours! You own the earth and everything on it. You own space and everything in it. You own time and everything that exists through it. You own the universe and every galaxy, planet, and star that inhabits it. You own it all!

Everything is yours! The talents and gifts you bestow upon us come from you. The relationships in our life are people that you created. The opportunities you give us to work come from you. The love. joy, and peace in our life come from you. You own it all!

Everything is yours! The material we use to build our homes, cars, and clothes. The water we drink and the air we breathe. The imagination and creativeness of our minds is your masterpiece. You own it all.

Everything is yours! The music we sing. The books we write. The scientific truths we discover. Everything comes from you and glorifies you.  You deserve all praise and glory and honor for now and evermore! Amen. Amen.

Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God



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