No Recognition; No Congratulations; No Comfort; No Complaint


How much does it bother us not to be recognized for our contributions and service to others? How much does it bother us not to be recognized for our worth as a person and individual? How much does it bother us not to receive the respect due us as a person of accomplishment and __________ (you fill in the blank)?

We all have different degrees or levels of human emotions that we deal with in our everyday life. We have different levels of pride, self-importance, and self-respect. We all have them and they all come alive somewhere, someplace, somehow when we least expect it. The question is how do we handle them when they do come alive?

We marvel to this day how God has taken some saints and worked with them to a point where they can serve, give of themselves unselfishly, for no personal gain, in love, without any fanfare or notice, for the glory of God. It is truly a gift from Him.  Most of the time, we believe we are there. But when those days come that brings out the worst of us, we are disappointed what comes out of us and find ourselves back praying to God in repentance and for comfort.  In times such as this, we have  to remember that we are all members of the same team. Like a sports team made up of fifty-three players, we may be the fifty-third and rarely used, but when the moment comes for us to perform, we better do our job or else the team suffers. Likewise, we remind ourselves that though we may be the least of many saints, when our moment of truth comes, we better handle the situation like Jesus did, or we may find ourselves disappointed again for not living up to our expectations as a Christ-follower. In which case, we go back to our Dad and ask Him to help us lower our expectations of ourselves or create in us a new heart with His Spirit and Power. Life is a short-term learning session on how to become like Him.



Our Awesome Dad, continue to change our heart Dad, and help us look to you for our rewards and life’s pleasant surprises. Always be the center of our life. No matter what happens, always reassure us that you are with us. Help us deal with our unbelief, our unrealistic view of ourselves, and the expectations we place on ourselves.

Let your mercy and faithfulness surround us. Create in us a heart like yours.  Amen.

Consultant & Coach for Christ-Centered
Business Owners & Executives

Dr. Mike

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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