Sainthood is a Joint Venture in Prayer

prayer 3

Where does our best source of encouragement come from?  When we don’t know where to go for help or support, where is our hand held most securely?  When we are discouraged or discontented, where does our spark of hope be lit? What is one of life’s natural highs that bathes the soul with rushing waters of refreshment? What changes hearts, minds, and at times even circumstances? What elevates the soul to heaven?

We are of course speaking about prayer; the privileged discipline that allows us to have a one-on-one heartfelt, mindful, and soulful communion with the Living Creator of life. Not only our prayers, but the prayers of other disciples around the world. Do you ever wonder whose prayer really made the difference regarding that one situation? Was it yours? Or was it the prayer of that unknown widow who heard about it via a friend that God nod His head in final approval? Whosoever prayer it was doesn’t really matter, because sainthood is a joint venture. Somewhere we all come to realize that our spiritual success is not only built on our relationship with our Heavenly Dad, but it also rides on the help of others. There is great inner joy to know that real saints are praying for you and your successful journey through time.

Likewise, when we look back in our life, we may realize that many people have prayed for us throughout our life. Our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, church members, priests, ministers, nuns, teachers, counselors, gas station attendants, newspaper delivery persons, coaches, bosses, and whoever else you may have come in contact with throughout your journey in time. The point being that many people have cared about you even though you may have never realized it until now.

There are many people who have already learned about the powerful blessings given through prayer before we even heard or seen it in action. Prayer is a gift that we are given to bless others, and others have been given to bless even more others. And the cycle continues, with the central source of all blessing starting from our heavenly Dad and finishing with our heavenly Dad. Paul taught that we should pray without ceasing. This means that during the day in whatever circumstances or situation, we are to ask the Source of strength and make our requests, petitions, thankfulness, and praise known to Him. One day we may be all surprised to find out how many prayers where being offered to Him at the same time from other people in the same room with no one truly being aware of all the sources but God Himself.  All the praise and thanks go to Him. He developed the means for us to pray. He has taught us how to pray. He hears our prayers. He acts on our prayers. All the glory and honor goes to Him as He does it His way and in His time. We are simply joint-servants in this journey with Him. Praises to Him!



Dear Eternal Dad, thank you for always being available to hear our prayers. We don’t understand how you do it, and we don’t know how you make it work, but you care and want to hear our hearts and minds in prayer. You have created it. Help us to practice it, to live it, and to become effective with it.  Let our prayers come straight to you without delay. Act on them without delay. But always, answer our prayers in the best way possible. We know many of our prayers are childlike, self-centered, and without soulful diligence. Forgive us and change us. Let our heart commune with yours. Let the passion flow between us. Be our lover. Let everything in our being communicate with you.

Open the doors of heaven and glorify your name by answering the prayers of your saints and servants. Add our words with those of our brothers and sisters. Let our petitions and praises make a joyful noise throughout heaven. Teach us what we do not know about prayer. Help us be a great prayer warrior for your kingdom.  Jesus we thank you. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God


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