Our Power is in Jesus

power 1
Like Paul stated, so can we. “I can do everything through Him (Jesus Christ) who strengthens me” (Phil4:3).
Where does your strength come from? Does it come from that special diet you eat? Or is it the exercise you put yourself through each day? Maybe, it is the special vitamins you take daily? Or is it possibly the books and tapes you read and listen to each day? Whatever and wherever you receive your strength, we are assured that it is only a token of what we have available through Him who manages the universe.
Isn’t it through Jesus that we receive the Holy Spirit? Isn’t it through Jesus that we have a Mediator with the Creator? Isn’t it through Jesus that we have promises yet to be fulfilled? Isn’t it through Jesus that we receive answers to our prayers? Isn’t it through Jesus that our labor is not in vain? Isn’t it through Jesus that we have hope for eternity? Isn’t it through Jesus that we have the central core “measuring stick” where all people can become united? Isn’t it through Jesus that our sins are forgiven? Isn’t it through Jesus that inner peace starts and worldwide peace will arrive? Isn’t it through Jesus that our pain is lessen and burdens made light? Isn’t it through Jesus that we receive strength to carry our cross to completion? Isn’t it through Jesus that grace makes its debut?
Prior to Jesus, didn’t we try to do it all our self? We worked at climbing the ladder of self-improvement. We focused on the legalistic approach to life. We were the source of our personal strength. When we ran out of gas, we stopped. When we hit the wall, we stopped. When we ran out of answers, we stopped. We spent more time stopping then living. Whichever way we went, our strength slowly left us. It was only after we answered the door that Jesus was knocking that our life spiritually changed. Until then, we reached a plateau but didn’t go any further. It was Jesus that made us stretch to another level and experience real power, real joy, real love, and real life.
As a disciple of His, our work has value. Our instructions come from Him. Our rewards come from Him. Our benefits come from Him. Our value comes from Him. Our assignments come through Him. Our focus is on Him. He was there in the beginning when Power was created, and He knows how Power is best used. We rely on His Power and thank Him for allowing us to have access to it. Again, thank you God!



Our Powerful and Gracious Dad, thank you for your gift of life. For creating the entire universe, laying out a plan for all mankind, and sharing with us your life through Jesus.
Everything of value that we have is only because of you and what Jesus has done for us. We thank you! Praise you! Honor you! Glorify you! Magnify you! Shout to the heavens for you!
Each day is a journey of discovery. Each day is a building process with Jesus being our cornerstone. Each day is a learning experience of living the abundant life in Jesus.
Everything of value comes from you. Thank you and thank you Jesus. Let your strength be revealed through us in all that we do. Let us have your source of energy to display your works before others. Again, the glory is all yours. Thank you for giving us the privilege of being your child and your disciple. Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Speaker

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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