OK To Compromise Truth; But Not THE TRUTH

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“Facts are facts and promises arc promises” is a line taken from a recent song played on the radio.  The name of the singer escapes us at the moment, but the chorus keeps playing over and over again in our mind.  When it comes to the Word of God, certain truths are universally accepted.  Likewise, His promises are promises of faith.  With faith, His promises are always universally sure, yet the timing is unpredictable.

For example, the Bible is crystal clear that Jesus died for our sins opening the door for humanity’s salvation.  The Bible is also clear on the resurrection of the dead.  Jesus arose from the dead and likewise we shall at His return.  But there are concepts that are not as clear in the Bible.  For example, is everyone that has never heard the gospel of Jesus lost for all eternity?  Or, when you die, does your soul immediately go to heaven or does your soul sleep until the resurrection?  There are scriptures that support both concepts.  Does that mean we must agree with these universal beliefs if the scriptures are not crystal clear on the subject?  We believe not.

It amazes us how the scriptures were written.  Certain concepts are so black and white that the majority of theologians agree with its meaning.  On the other hand, certain scriptures are so unclear that there are a multiple of opinions from a multiple of theologians.  What does all this mean?  God could have easily produced a Book that would have been universally agreed by everyone.  But He didn’t.  He deliberately allowed the Bible to be written where certain concepts would be argued until the end of the age.  What does this tell us?  Only that God knows Absolute Truth.  The rest of us are searching.  When we discover the truth, it is the truth as we perceive it based on our experience and understanding.  It may not be the Truth, but it is the truth in our eyes.

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The scriptures in the Bible that are crystal clear so that every denomination agrees with their meaning can be almost guaranteed to be the Truth.  It is The Truth valuable enough to live and die for.  There is no compromise with The Truth.  However, the other truth is something that we believe based on our experience, relationship, and understanding of God in our life while studying and living the scriptures.  These little truths we approach with a more open mind.  Some people call these preferences.  Others call them non-essentials.  We have come to realize over time that some of our beliefs have changed over time based on the work of the Holy Spirit in our life.  We have no problem compromising on these little truths in our life knowing that they are not important for eternal salvation.  We believe if they were important, God would have made them crystal clear in the Bible.  As a disciple of His, we pray that God gives us the wisdom and insight to determine what and when we need to compromise and when we need to stand still and not waiver.  God is good!  God is great!  All the time!



Our Perfect Dad, thank you for revealing your Word to us.  Thank you for having your Word put into writing.  Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit to learn your Truth and to live your truth.

Help us always place what you consider to be most important in the front of our mind.  Let us not get lost in the controversies and debates of your word.  Instead, help us to live your word in love and truth to the best of our ability always being truthful to you.  Help us to share your gospel with others and teach your word as you have revealed it to us.  Let nothing come between us.  Let your word build us closer with each other.  Help us find unity with our other brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Keep your eternal Truths always in our heart, mind, and soul.  Let nothing remove it.  Help us to stand up for what we believe and to respect others for what they believe.  Help us always to live in love, in faith, and in hope of your salvation.

In Jesus we thank you and pray this.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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