A Sign, a Sign, Everywhere a Sign

construction 4

A disciple’s life is always walking down a path with construction in progress.  Like most construction sites, there are warning signs instructing you to change your normal routine to better handle the congestion.  These signs warn you to change lanes or not to change lanes, to merge or to divide, to slow down or to stop, to switch lanes or to ride on the shoulder, and many other choices.  There are also those that read “Detour” meaning the road ends and you must take another route.  But the signs instruct you on which route to take.  Of course, the alternative route is not always the fastest or quickest, but the one chosen by some civil engineer that will effectively manage the traffic flow.  Most of the time however, especially if you are a local resident, you will take an alternative route that only the local drivers know.  The out-of-towners must follow the signs.  But the locals always know a better route.  Likewise, as a disciple of His, we will face detours in our life.  Signs will be placed in front of us by good, nature people who want to be helpful.  These signs will be the best that the world has to offer.

However, if one is not well trained in scripture, they may easily be misled.  When faced with a detour, a disciple will immediately turn to the best traffic officer on the beat: Jesus Christ.  In prayer, and possibly fasting or one of the other disciplines, a disciple will ask for directions.  She will trust the Holy Spirit to direct their path.  The Holy Spirit may lead them to seek counsel.  The Holy Spirit may lead them to a mentor.  The Holy Spirit could lead them to a mule or elephant.  Wherever the Holy Spirit leads you, the answer will be there.  The path to follow will be clear.  The detour will only be an inconvenient nuisance that probably will bear godly fruit in your life and the life of others that you may touch in your journey.

Our paths will have many detours.  But the detour is not the end of our journey, but the beginning.  It is the start of a temporary, new direction where you will meet new people, new encounters, new locations, and new events.  You may also meet your old nemesis the devil.  But you know how to handle him.  It’s a new route with new opportunities to fulfill your mission in life.  It may be only to serve someone that asked God for help and He is sending you there.  It may be only to lend an uplifting word to someone who is in trouble.  It may only be to direct your steps away from a potential problem and give your soul rest.  Whatever the results, some we may know instantly, some we may know many years down the road, and others we may never know until the Kingdom has fully arrived.  But this we do know, the Master Planner has everything under control.  As we have surrendered to serve Him, He will lead us in a direction that will prove most beneficial for those we come into contact with and for ourselves as well.  We will not be detoured.  Our mission goes forth no matter which way we travel.



Our Masterful Dad, thank you for calling us out of this world and giving us real meaning and purpose to live.  Thank you for caring and loving us.  Thank you for giving us the encouragement to try different paths.  Thank you for the opportunities that you present to us.  Thank you for giving us the abilities and talents to choose our heart desires.  Thank you for allowing us to live true to our heart.

Yet help us to deal with the obstacles. trials, and inconveniences that come our way.  Give us the courage and conviction to live your truth no matter what problem arises.  Help us to transform all problems into solutions for your glory.  Let every road we travel down, every door we open, every window we look out from, every step we climb, and every task we accomplish be done in sharing the good news of your Kingdom for your glory.  Amen.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Mike

Coach, Consultant, and Encourager

Author of Great Business Emulates a Good God

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